Built-in Seating for Your Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Built-in Seating for Your Perfect Outdoor Living Space



A major milestone in life is becoming a homeowner. An even better feeling than finally owning your own home is when that house starts to resemble the vision that you have always had for your dream home. For some, that means a complete remodeling project. Maybe a new roof, an extra bathroom, or a more open kitchen. But for others, one of the major components is the perfect outdoor space.

Built-in seating for outdoor living spaces

Most people can appreciate a nicely groomed yard, but what is truly impressive is an outdoor space that can be utilized for more than your typical back yard games and activities. Getting creative with the landscaping and hardscaping will have family, friends, and neighbors alike asking when you are going to be hosting the next party. What is hardscaping? Hardscaping is any of the design elements that go into yards or patios that are made of harder materials, such as cement or brick walkways, stairs, walls, and driveways or other paved areas. This might also include built-in seating throughout your yard or patio, depending on what materials you think that you would be comfortable sitting on.

From built-in seating to unique outdoor lighting

There are a number of ways to make your outdoor space pop, and draw in your favorite people with a welcoming atmosphere. But on top of having the best place to relax on your own or have the best block parties, there are a number of other benefits as well. There is the financial factor that you will see as a result of your home’s value going up, and the utility bills going down. It has been estimated that a good landscaping project can end up increasing the resale price tag of a structure by as much as 14%. And strategically placed plants like large bushes and trees can reduce your heating and cooling bills by as much as 20%. Speaking of the right amount of trees, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has suggested finding places with more trees if you want more peace and quiet. Trees can diminish unwanted noise by as much as 50%, replacing it with pleasant sounds instead, such as the rustling of leaves, or the sounds of birds and other wildlife that would find a home in those very trees.

People like high quality landscaping. As much as people like city life, one survey showed that that doesn’t necessarily mean that people don’t like nature, as 63% reported that they would pay more for the place they would come to call home, if the surrounding area had quality green space. Nature is an ideal component for a beautiful home and garden.