Choosing the Best Type of Flooring For Your Home

Choosing the Best Type of Flooring For Your Home


Hardwood flooring installation

One of the best parts of owning a home is the ability to customize the home to your needs and your preferences. There are so many flooring options available and the choice of your flooring is an important one. The floor is one of the first things that many people notice. It is what really ties the entire look of the room together. It is also what provides comfort when walking or sitting on the floor. Those with children or pets will likely choose something that is both comfortable and easily cleanable. There are a lot of floor covering options, most of which will depend on the preferences of the homeowner and the specific room of the home.

Carpet is a popular and timeless flooring option. Carpet is easier to install and it looks nice. It also provides comfort and it can be customized in many different colors and carpet designs. Homeowners can also choose between different thickness of carpet padding, which will make a difference on the comfort of the flooring. Most people prefer carpet flooring in their bedrooms. In fact, in a Houzz survey, 38% said they plan to carpet their master bedroom. Some people will also place it in their hallways leading to the living room. Carpet used to be the most popular living room flooring choice, but many homes are transitioning to a more modern hardwood flooring look. Either way, it depends on the individual preferences of the homeowner.

Although carpet may be easier to install, there are benefits of carpet installation professionally. Carpet that is laid professionally tends to last longer. If it is not nailed down correctly, it will begin to peel after a few years. Also, the padding needs to be laid correctly, to prevent excessive staining from spills. Uneven padding installation can also lead to an uneven leveling feel of the flooring.

Kitchens and dining rooms tend to vary in homeowner preferences. Hardwood may be used throughout the entire kitchen, dining room and living room. Some people may have different flooring in each room, with a room diving separating the different floor materials. Tile covers 23% of floors in Houzz survey participants homes. Tile is popular because of its durability and its timeless and classic look. Also, floor tile textures vary, giving homeowners many options. Floor tile textures may also vary from the kitchen to the dining room floors. Also, many homeowners will choose different floor tile textures for the bathrooms. Floor tile textures in the bathroom make it easier to clean up and they are more waterproof than other types of flooring.

Hardwood is a newly popular flooring option. Housing trends have seemed to navigate to more timeless looks. Hardwood makes a home look modern and open. It is very common in open floor plans too. Hardwood covers 34% of floors in Houzz survey participant?s homes. Hardwood floors may also be the most difficult type of flooring to install. There are benefits of hardwood installation professionally as well. A professional hardwood floor installer will ensure that it is put in properly. They will also provide the necessary staining and weather coating for the flooring. This will ensure that it lasts longer and that it is more resistant to moisture and wear and tear.

There are many options when it comes to flooring options. The type of flooring that homeowners choose often depends on the type of room they are putting floor into and on their individual preferences. The most common types of flooring in homes are carpet, tiled flooring and hardwood floors. Professional installation of any of these types of flooring is ideal to ensure that they are put in properly and that they will last for many years. In fact, homes that have professional installation are generally worth more and are easier to sell later on.