Cost of Installing a New Roof

Cost of Installing a New Roof


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Installing a new roof can add security and value to your home. The first thing on a homeowner’s mind when installing a new roof is how much it will cost to hire a roofing service for installation. This video will break down the factors at play so you can estimate your new roof cost.

A physical inspection is necessary to get a full estimate. The home style and steepness of the roof come into play. For example, more steeped roofs take longer for safety reasons, and so will likely cost more.

The type of materials is also a huge factor. There are synthetic roofs, asphalt roofs, lead, copper, metal roofs, and more. You need to do some research and discuss options with roofing contractors to figure out what’s best for your home.

Insulation needs and gutter types are additional factors at play, and will vary depending on your needs. To get a good assessment, you need to reach out to contractors and discuss your home’s situation with them. Many offer free estimates where you can get a good idea of the cost.

For more information on roofing and how much it costs, click on the link to the video above.