Dont Let Roofing Contractors Do This!

Dont Let Roofing Contractors Do This!


Having someone come fix your roof may seem like a small task, and many homeowners don’t put a ton of thought into having their roof touched-up or redone. This is a fundamental mistake. Your roof can be one of the most important factors in your house’s safety. Not ever contractor is the same, and now every roofer knows what’s best for your roof. Obviously, veery home improvement project is different, and roofing is no acception. Homeowners should take time to research who is coming over to walk around their roof before handing over the keys.

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When you are looking for contractors, also look for red flags. This video details 7 of them.

First of all, don’t hire a contractor if you have a bad feeling about them. If they are late to your consultation or simply give you a less-than-pleasant attitude, it’s time to move on. Another red flag is that the roofer isn’t licensed. Roofing is a complicated and tedious process, and somebody not properly certified could make many mistakes on your roof and subsequently damage it. Another known shortcut that less-than-reputable roofers make is not replacing rotting wood on your roof. Rotting wood poses structural issues and should be properly replaced. Look out for these things next time you need a roofer.