Elevator Upgrades Vs. Elevator Modernizations

Elevator Upgrades Vs. Elevator Modernizations


When it comes elevators, newer is almost always better. Elevators need a lot of are and maintenance to stay in good shape. All of an elevator’s control panels and mechanisms are not visible when you step inside, so it is not obvious upon first glance when there are problems. If you have fixed the same stubborn elevator problem quite a few times, it is time to get a new one. You can go two different directions with this choice.

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You can invest in an elevator upgrade, or an elevator modernization. What is the difference between the two? Well, this video outlines the definitions of each of these terms.

An elevator mini modernization consists of keeping the same basic hardware in the elevator. These modernizations can range from a simple door operator upgrade to an entire Fire Station Overlay. A full modernization, however, involves replacing almost every part of the elevator, including landing devices, jacks, controls, and machine room equipment. On the other hand, an elevator upgrade includes a complete overhaul of the operation type, in addition to the items included in a modernization project.