Getting Ready for Your Big Move Without Missing a Beat

Getting Ready for Your Big Move Without Missing a Beat


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Nothings worse than preparing for a major change of residence and then, somewhere in the middle of the process, realizing that you’ve overlooked some crucial element. Maybe you forgot to pack something. Maybe you didn’t get your move in dates right and now you have movers standing around wondering where in the world they’re going to unload the truck. Maybe you’re loading the truck yourself and realized that you’ve put in your boxes and furniture in the wrong order and are going to have to start over. There are so many details to keep track of that making a moving check list is the one of the best steps you can take when planning how your move should proceed.

There are dozens of suggested moving checklists online, many of them quite good, that can all be edited as needed to fit the details of your own move. Martha Stuart’s site has a moving check list that breaks your move down into several stages each with its own list. It’s a useful example because it recommends things like mapping out a moving timeline, beginning your packing early and making sure that you’ve found all the packing supplies you’ll need.

The Real Simple site’s moving check list is another handy one. This check list for moving divides steps into time periods, like “two months before,” “six weeks before,” “one month before,” and so on. This chronological approach to making your moving check list is a great one, because it can keep you from from overlooking steps you need to take now, while stressing about other steps that you actually needn’t worry about until a later date. Some of the elements on this moving checklist are things you might have looked, like the suggestion that parents collect their children’s school records before they depart.

If you make a smart moving checklist and sticking to it, you’ll thank yourself, and any movers you hire will thank you, too! Plus, when you make their job easier and less time consuming, you’re also saving your own hard earned money. This is a great source for more.