Make Sure You Go Premium When You Get New Grass

Make Sure You Go Premium When You Get New Grass


The best grass seed

You know that neighbor that waters his lawn every single day? He stands outside with his awkward shorts and glasses and socks that come halfway up his calf and just waters his lawn for twenty minutes at six AM. How great would it be to tell that guy that it is actually bad for his lawn to be watered that much? When you water too frequently your lawn seed is not getting the deep root growth it needs which is essential for its health.

Using lawn seed to make your lawn more green and luscious is in no way a crime. If you wanted to go one step further, getting drought resistant grass might not be a terrible idea. Using grass seeds that are healthy and reliable is the best way to ensure that your lawn grows in a healthy way.

Without the use of pesticides the lawn seed will need more personal attention. The effort is worth it since pesticides can be very dangerous to humans. In the majority of people tested, twenty nine of forty four common pesticides were found, according to a study done by the CDC.

Certain types of grass actually produce more oxygen than certain elements. That is pretty surprising to know but also very interesting because the grass also needs to be cut at a certain length. One of the more premium types of grass is called Pearls Premium and at three inches it can produce over five thousand times more oxygen than carbon in twenty four hours. Making sure that you have a premium type of lawn seed would be ideal who are trying to get the most out of their lawn. If you would rather have an average type of lawn seed, your grass probably will not be winning any oxygen producing contests anytime soon.