Going Camping? Don’t Forget Your Camper Jack Pads!

Going Camping? Don’t Forget Your Camper Jack Pads!


Camper jack pads

How long was your last camping trip? According to the 2014 American Camping Report, people usually camp for longer periods of time when they stay in their recreational vehicle (RV). On average, 13% of RV campers spend a week or more camping every year.

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association recently reported that there are roughly 8.9 million households that own an RV. Whether you have a motorized or a towable RV, you probably prefer staying in it rather another type of camp lodging or shelter, such as tents.

According to the 2014 American Camping Report.16% of campers prefer staying in their RV. Even when you prefer staying in your RV, you can still include a night or two in a tent or under the stars.

According to Recreation Vehicle Industry Association research, RV owners tend to average three weeks of travel throughout the year. Furthermore, RV owners also tend to spend their disposable income on traveling in their home-away-from-home.

Do you have a towable or motorized RV? If you’re currently planning to purchase an RV, you may want to know a few details about the different types available.

There are basically six styles of towable RVs, according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association. These can be towed by a car, pick-up truck, or van:

    Conventional travel trailers
    Fifth-wheel travel trailers
    Folding camping trailers
    Sport utility RVs
    Travel trailers with expandable ends
    Truck campers

According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, there are three types of motorized RVs, or motorhomes:

    Type A
    Type B,/ul>

      Type C

    Type A RVs usually have the most room, and can sleep up to six people. They also have luxurious amenities.

    Type B RVs, which are usually referred to as “van campers,” can sleep up to four people, and are as easy to drive as the family car.

    Type C RVs have amenities that are similar to the Type A RVs. They can sleep up to eight people, and there is also additional sleeping space over the cab.

    When you’re out on the road or in a family campground and need to replace your tires, you want to ensure that the ground beneath your towing vehicle and/or motorized RV is stable. Camper jack pads can provide this stability. When you use camper jack pads, you can change your tires without worrying about the ground shifting beneath your vehicle.

    In addition to having camper jack pads, motorhome jack pads, or an RV jack pad, you may also want to purchase a ground protection mat or two. Having a ground mat can make it easier and safer to change your tires and perform other maintenance activities.