Heating Oil v. Natural Gas for Homes

Heating Oil v. Natural Gas for Homes


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Heating oil is a popular choice for millions of homeowners in the US. It offers efficient heating, a heating oil service can deliver it to you anywhere, and there are great safety benefits. This video explains why heating oil is a better option for your home than natural gas.

As mentioned above, heating oil is convenient for homeowners in any location. A heating oil service will deliver the oil wherever you need on a regular basis. There are no pipes that you need connected to the municipal system. The heating oil is stored in a tank on your property, and one delivery will likely last you an entire year.

Heating oil can be much safer than natural gas. Natural gas pipes will run constantly, and a leak can lead to catastrophic consequences. Heating oil, on the other hand, is released in spurts of a fine mist every so often. It’s a safer option.

Heating oil is lit with an electrical spark. A nozzle in the heater sprays the oil in a fine mist and the electrical spark gives it enough heat to catch fire. This heat is then moved throughout your home.

For more information on heating oil, check out the video in the link above.