Home Improvements Worth Your Time and Money

Home Improvements Worth Your Time and Money


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The home improvement and remodeling projects of Americans has spurred an industry worth more than $230 billion. Whether you plan on staying in your house for many years or are looking to sell in the near future, American homeowners know the value and potential return on investment of certain improvement projects. The key, however, is knowing which improvement projects truly deliver on their investment promises.

According to CNN Money, a middle of the road bathroom modernization project can yield a homeowner 102 percent of their investment. Likewise, window replacements can yield 90 percent. That does not even take into account the potential energy cost savings from new windows. Conversely, a kitchen upgrade may only return 66 percent of a homeowners investment, according to U.S. News and World Report. That is not a bad investment considering that a kitchen can be one of the strongest selling points of a house. On the other hand, a swimming pool or sauna are deemed to be not the wisest home improvement projects because so much of their value comes down to personal taste and preference.

Renovations and upgrades aside, how much should you spend on home maintenance projects? And once you have decided on a dollar figure, which maintenance projects are most important? A new roof, for example, installed by an experienced roofing clearwater company or Tampa roofer, can help a homeowner recoup 67 percent of their investment. Not only is this worthwhile, but it is one of things a potential buyer first looks at. Knowing the difference between a want and a need (a proper functioning roof installed by a Tampa roofer is a need) can determine where you spend your improvement dollars.

Not all necessary home improvements or maintenance jobs can be performed by the homeowner, either. Roofing Tampa projects often require the skill of experienced contractors such as Tampa roofer, Clearwater roofer, and roofing Tampa companies. When deciding on a Tampa roofer or Clearwater roofing company, there are other things to consider, too. A healthy roof often entails more than a shingle replacement or two. Experienced Tampa roofers can also ensure your roof shows no signs of leaks. Tampa roofing contractors will also check the flashing around your homes walls and chimney, if applicable. A Tampa roofer will also inspect your gutters to make sure they are free debris or cracks. Proper water flow of your gutters, tested by a Tampa roofer, can ensure nothing is seeping into your homes foundation. In the long run, preventative inspections by a Tampa roofer can save you loads of time and expenses.