How Much Does it Cost for an Asphalt Contractor?

How Much Does it Cost for an Asphalt Contractor?


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There are many ways to pave your driveway. You can use concrete, gravel, or have it paved with brick or another stone. However, this article will be covering asphalt driveways and how to estimate the cost for installation.

Asphalt is the most common and cost-effective means of driveway pavement. Most houses you see on your road will use asphalt, and though it isn’t as flashy as a paved brick driveway, it more than gets the job done.

In fact, you may already have an asphalt driveway and simply need a new one because it is cracked and full of potholes. Figuring out the cost for your asphalt driveway is likely the first thought in your head.

The good news is solving for the cost is pretty easy. You need the square footage of your driveway, and to get this you simply need to multiply the length by the width. The average paving contractor will charge $3-$4 per square foot. So, if you take the total square footage and multiply it by 3 or 4, you can quickly get a rough estimate for your project.

Of course, there are other factors that go into it. You may have a curved driveway, in which case this simple equation quickly gets a bit more complex. If this is the case, try to divide the driveway into smaller squares/rectangles and then solve.