Install Motorized Shades to Give Your Home a New Look

Install Motorized Shades to Give Your Home a New Look


Giving your home a new look, especially for the upcoming holidays, will be one of the most fantastic ideas you can consider soon. In fact, you can incorporate technology that helps you turn your home into a smart one. With motorized shades, you can achieve this amazing outlook that comes with automated technology in your home. The beauty of motorized shades is that you can install them in your home by yourself.

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For that reason, you will not require an expert to come on board to do the work. That means you can save a significant amount of money by doing this project yourself.

So how do you go through the process of installing motorized shades? All you need is a systematic guide in order to conduct this installation seamlessly. First, ensure you have all the supplies such as a motorization kit, shade package contents, remote and a smartphone app, pencil, measuring tape, and a fastener. Once you have these essential supplies, you are ready to go. The first step is connecting the motor to the electronic end cap. Then you will have to slide the headrail open in order to snap the motor into the spring box. After that, you will have to secure the end cap in place to close it. The next step is installing the brackets, after which you will control your motorized shades using your smartphone app or manually.