Installing Hurricane Resistant Glass in Miami

Installing Hurricane Resistant Glass in Miami


No one can really stop or prevent powerful storms such as hurricanes, and nature’s fury is simply a fact of life. Not to say that modern construction contractors are powerless, however. Contractors who work in hurricane-prone areas such as Florida or the Texas coast have learned a number of ways to resist hurricanes and their destructive power such as hurricane proof sliding doors. There may also be hurricane glass windows and such a glass door system and more can reduce damage to property and loss of human life. Manufacturers today are always looking for new ways to build hurricane proof windows and other glass surfaces for large buildings such as condos or apartments, and choosing hurricane proof windows may certainly prove the right option when a building is under construction. A public building owner may look online for new windows for their property after a hurricane has struck, such as “impact glass Miami near me” to find contractors who can provide the right windows and doors. “High quality impact glass Miami” may be searched by upper end property owners, and they may expand the search with “impact glass Miami and sliding doors” if need be.

The Power of Hurricanes

These storms can’t be stopped, but they can be measured and studied so that their movements and power can be predicted. This can be very useful reference for evacuation efforts and building levees and hurricane resistant windows and doors. Storm trackers and meteorologists have found that a total of 158 different hurricanes have struck the American east coast during the 20th century, and Florida received more than any other state, with 57 total. Texas, with its coast on the Gulf of Mexico, received another 26 of them. During that time, some hurricanes proved that tornadoes may also form, and Hurricane Andrew in 1992 spawned a total of 62 tornadoes during its lifetime.

What kind of power is being brought to bear? A single hurricane may whip up millions of miles of air and deposit an impressive 2.4 trillion gallons of rain water onto land in a single day, and some hurricanes may last for days before reaching landfall. Even smaller hurricanes, such as category 1 or 2, can be devastating, and category 5 storms are becoming more common. In fact, many have argued that in the 2010s, hurricanes are becoming more frequent and powerful than ever, and hurricane Irma in 2017 serves as evidence of this. That powerful storm was the strongest Atlantic hurricane on record, boasting over seven trillion watts of energy and 185 MPH winds for 37 hours. If this trend is indeed the case, construction methods in Florida and other hurricane-prone areas must certainly keep up in order to protect property and life alike.

Construction Against Hurricanes

No condo or apartment can shut down a hurricane, but they can be built to endure these storms with minimal loss of property and life. As mentioned earlier, a building owner may look up local contractors to replace their hurricane-damaged windows or doors, and a search such as “impact glass Miami wholesale” may yield some nearby suppliers and contractors who provide exactly that. Something similar may be done when a building is first constructed in Florida or Miami in particular, and window contractors will be tasked with installing the right windows and sliding glass doors that can resist hurricanes’ winds and tossed debris.

In any building, even towering condos or hotels, the windows and doors are structural weak points, and a hurricane’s winds and wind-blown debris may simply blast those windows and doors apart. This is dangerous not only because strong winds and rain can get into a building this way, but shattered glass is shrapnel that can shred both people and property. All of this is a grave threat, so any responsible building owner in Miami or elsewhere will specialized windows and sliding doors put in place. These windows offer an impact-resistant glaze with +105/-130 stats, and this glass can endure hurricane winds as strong as 100 MPH and higher. When such windows and doors are fitted into place, they can protect property and life inside alike during a storm, and this can prevent the need for such much expensive repairs after a storm has died down.