Interior Design Organization Chart For Your Remodeling Project

Interior Design Organization Chart For Your Remodeling Project


It’s every homeowner’s dream to make their home a reflection of their tastes and personality. After living in your home for a while or moving into a new one, this desire may cause you to develop the need to undertake a remodeling project. You likely have a long list of renovation tasks in mind but don’t know how to best approach things. Which one should come first? Which improvement will increase the most value? Will a kitchen remodel be more beneficial than a bathroom remodel?

Here’s where the help of an interior design firm comes in handy. These professionals will guide you through every step of the process. They literally do it for a living, so you can trust you’re in good hands.


That said, the current state of the economy may have made you consider heading your project, and it’s understandable. While achieving great results is still possible, you’ll need some help with the organization aspect of a remodeling project to ensure it goes smoothly. Interior design firms use organizational charts to stay on track during projects, whether working on a modest renovation or a significant one.


You’ll also need to create your own interior design organization chart to help you plan, monitor, and inspect the progress of the remodeling project. It’s particularly important if you don’t have remodeling project management experience and are feeling particularly anxious about your remodeling assignment. Timing is crucial in interior design projects. Here are 10 projects to include in your interior design organization chart and how to best approach them.


1. Replacing Windows


Replacing your windows is a great project to include in your interior design organization chart if the current ones are outdated or filled with scratches that make it seem like you need to learn to clean windows. Plus, there are some great benefits that homeowners around the world enjoy when they get window replacement as part of their remodeling project. The most notable is newer windows tend to be more energy efficient. More homeowners know now more than ever that such features are key to providing a cushion against the crazy high energy bills experienced worldwide, and you shouldn’t be left behind.


Another reason you should consider this remodeling project is that new windows offer an affordable way to increase your home’s value. According to the Remodeling 2020 Cost vs. Value Report, new vinyl windows can give you a 73% ROI upon resale. That said, you don’t have to wait till it comes time to sell. Treat yourself and enjoy the benefits while you’re still there.


2. Where To Get House Appliances

You likely think of your home’s appliances as functional features rather than aesthetic ones. It’s true; they are. However, when you talk to an interior design professional, they’ll tell you that the appliances you pick for your home contribute to its overall visual appeal. Picking the wrong ones can significantly detract from your design.


Buying house appliances and finding a professional to perform the appliance install may be easy because you’ll get help from the seller. However, getting the right house appliance dealer is a different ball game but critical to a successful remodeling project. You’ll first need to visit a dealer and request an in-home consultation. They’ll come to your home, take precise measurements of where you want to install the appliances, show you some products, and help you choose the best model for your home.


3. Remodeling Your Basement


If you’re considering upgrading your basement as part of your renovation project, note everything it entails in your interior design organization chart. From sourcing the appropriate materials, and getting any applicable permits, to the professionals you’re hiring for the job. You want to avoid delays when working on this part of the home, as it can render your home inhabitable for a long time.


Regarding basement remodeling, primarily focus on the logistics and let the professionals head the technical aspect of the project. A basement remodeler will typically have years of experience working on similar projects. They’ll likely have a rough idea of what will work best for your basement from the moment they see it during the in-home consultation.


4. Renting an Affordable Dumpster

Most homeowners who head their home remodeling projects often forget that the work will result in significant waste. The trash bins you use to put out the trash are useless here. Trying to use them is like begging for the need to buy new ones. Most waste will have sharp edges that can significantly damage regular bins, and your regular garbage pickup plan won’t be able to handle the amount of waste you’ll need to dispose of.


When conducting significant renovations that involve a lot of demolition, you’ll need to have a waste management system in place and include it in your interior design organization chart. A popular solution for homeowners is getting an affordable dumpster rental. There are several benefits you and your project will get to enjoy when you go this route.


Safety is the first thing a dumpster rental offers. Various tools and equipment are needed for demolitions, remodels, and renovations. Leaving trash lying about the job site will cause more clutter, compromising overall safety. Use a dumpster rental to keep the rubbish concentrated in one spot away from the rest of the project unless you’re itching to use your or the contractor’s insurance.


Your job site’s surrounding environment can be polluted by loose rubbish drifting away due to movements during the job. One result is that your neighbors will be angry, and the environment in the area will also be substantially disrupted. Renting a dumpster can keep the waste contained and safe.


To keep scavengers out overnight, install a cover over the top. Although the proper management of waste may not always be linked to ecological prosperity, dumpster rentals support the idea that doing so is beneficial.


You probably won’t have any motivation to deal with the big pile of construction waste once your home’s renovations are finished. Regular trash pickup can only help you to a certain extent, but certain waste may need specialized handling. You’ll have to deal with the waste, which can be a headache. To eliminate the hassle, consider investing in a dumpster rental service.


When you need the dumpster, they’ll send a team right to your project’s site, and when the project is over, all you need to do is give them a call, and they’ll send the same team right over. Roll-off dumpster rental regulations vary from city to city throughout the country. Luckily, the company’s responsible for obtaining the necessary licenses for dumpsters placed in the public right-of-way.


Dumpsters come in a wide range of sizes, designs, and costs. So if you’re undertaking a relatively huge project, you can get a large dumpster; if your project is minor, you can find a small one. Hiring a dumpster a bit bigger than you think you’ll need is preferable if you’re unsure of the size that would work best for your project. You don’t want to be left with an unused dumpster you paid a significant amount for.


5. Hiring An Electrician


If you are preparing to begin a home improvement project? Have you given any thought to hiring a local electrician? If not, then you should. There are various advantages to investing in the services of a professional.


A trained electrician is first-hand knowledgeable of the local construction codes and rules that apply to electrical work. This means you can rest assured that all work complies with regulatory and safety standards. An expert electrician can perform the task following the interior design organization chart, from wiring repairs to light installs.


By building the most straightforward and cost-effective electrical network with just what is required for your electrical project, employing an electrician also helps you save time and money. You can be sure that your home renovations will be completed securely, correctly, and affordably with competent professionals in your corner.


6. Repairing for Water Damage

If you’ve noticed signs of water damage in your home, including water damage restoration in your interior design organization chart is a good idea. It’s best to schedule this service before performing any other remodeling work. The reason behind this is if the water damage has resulted in structural issues, the remodels you make won’t hold for long.


Plus, there are some benefits to addressing water damage as part of your renovation. For example, when moisture issues affect a home, they often result in the growth of mold and mildew. These can cause serious health issues for those living in your home. By having professionals restore your water-damaged home, you’ll actually be investing in your family’s health.


8. Install New Cabinetry


Where you place kitchen cabinet installation on your interior design organization chart depends on whether you’re performing any other remodeling tasks in your kitchen. You can consult a professional interior designer for advice on the best approach for this project. Installing new custom cabinets offers several benefits.


Custom kitchen cabinets are usually of higher quality because they’re often made from remarkable materials according to your preferences as the client. Since these cabinets are handcrafted, each feature and finish is distinctive and ensures better durability than other varieties.


The most common reason for homeowners to install new kitchen cabinets is insufficient storage space, resulting in cluttered countertops. The additional storage space provided by new cabinets will ensure your kitchen has adequate room for everything. Having extra storage space in your kitchen will improve your cooking experience. For instance, moving seldom-used kitchen items to higher shelves will free up counter space and make cooking and prep work easier for you.


Your kitchen’s surface area is largely dominated by kitchen cabinets, which impacts your kitchen’s aesthetics. For instance, installing white cabinetry may make your kitchen appear larger and more open. When remodeling or renovating, you want to ensure your kitchen cabinets complement the rest of your home’s decor.


Considering it’s the most used room in your home, you need to pay extra attention to its maintenance needs. Dingy-looking cabinets will make a terrible first impression on any potential buyer if you intend to sell your home soon. On the other hand, investing in new cabinets will attract more serious buyers. Considering how important the kitchen is, slot this remodeling project early in your interior design organization chart.


9. Refinishing Your Bathtub

Over time, you’ll find that your bathtub will develop stains, chips, or cracks. You have two options: replace the bathtub or have it refinished. You may be tempted to throw everything out and start fresh when remodeling your bathroom. However, refinishing your bathtub with the help of a reputable bathtub refinishing company is an inexpensive way to refresh your bathroom.


Your bathtub’s old, stained coating can be easily replaced with a new, elegant surface in just one day’s work. If you can afford to install a new bathtub, do so by all means. Besides improving your overall quality of life, a new bathtub will instantly increase the value of your home and appeal to buyers if you’re looking to list your home.


10. Replacing Your Shower Door


Consider replacing your door with a modern glass alternative from a local shower door company. One of the most popular benefits of glass shower doors is they let in more light than traditional ones. However, the benefits don’t stop there.


These doors require minimal maintenance. With proper upkeep, it can last a lifetime. Compared to replacing shower curtains yearly, installing glass doors is worth the initial cost.


Glass doors are also effective at keeping your bathroom dry. Regularly moving shower curtains causes water to flow onto the floor and causes permanent water damage. You can do away with your damp, puddled bathroom flooring by installing glass shower doors.


Modern glass shower doors are available in various sizes, giving you various options for customizing your shower space. In a small bathroom, a glass door can make the space feel larger. A range of options allows for greater flexibility in terms of selection.

Deciding to head your remodeling project can be great. However, you must be intentional about how you approach it. From planning to post-project review, an interior design organization chart is helpful for every stage and key to ensuring you stay on track.