Septic tank —- VIDEOS

Septic tank —- VIDEOS


When your home has a septic system, there are a few ways that you have to take care of it to keep it working effectively. From the time that you get septic tank installation, you have to be careful about what goes into the tank itself. With your household septic system, you need to know what can go into the tank and what can’t. There are many solid items that should never be flushed or put down the disposal if you have a septic tank. These can clog up the tank and make you have to have the septic tank pumped out.



So, how large is a septic tank? It depends completely on the size of your home and how many bathrooms you have. There is no one size that they come in. If you have a lot of bathrooms and a large family, you will need a larger septic tank than if you are just a couple living alone with one or two bathrooms. How long to pump a septic tank? It can take a good part of a day to get down to the septic tank and then to pump it out, so avoiding this can be most convenient.

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