The Benefits of Furniture Grade Wood Veneer

The Benefits of Furniture Grade Wood Veneer


Pressure sensitive veneer

Have you ever owned a piece of wooden furniture that you love, but it has definitely seen better days? It could be a book shelf, coffee table, computer desk, armoire, or entertainment center. Whatever it happens to be, you probably have moved it from apartment to apartment so many times that it shows every single battle scar.

Actually, it doesn’t even have to be of particularly high quality, but that one piece of furniture just has that certain quality you cannot describe. Whether it’s due to nostaligia or something else, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t part with it. At the same time you’re running out of excuses to justify saving it from the curb. If you have a piece of wooden furniture that you think of like this, then furniture grade wood veneer sheets could be the key to its second life.

Furniture grade wood veneer is an affordable way to give old wooden furniture, floors, walls, and other items the look and feel of real wood. Whether your’re talking about peel and stick veneer or pressure sensitive veneer, there are different types of wood veneer for a variety of styles, colors, and decor.

Furniture grade wood veneer can be found in bamboo veneer sheets, cherry veneer sheets, oak sheets, and more Whichever style you are looking, high quality wood veneer is almost impossible to differentiate from real solid wood. Thus, it is possible to take a plywood cabinet and make it look like a real hardwood cabinet by covering it with furniture grade wood veneer.

Wood veneer is often used by furniture manufacturers to make their merchandise more affordable. At the same time, the best quality real wood veneer sheets can add a touch of class to your home without spending thousands of dollars to do so. Of course, it can also breathe new life into that old bookcase. Visit here for more.