The Process of Renting Construction Equipment for Your DIY Project

The Process of Renting Construction Equipment for Your DIY Project


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DIY projects tend to be the new theme for home improvement. Home owners are learning to complete their own projects in order to save time and money. They can purchase the needed home supplies from their local home improvement store and then complete the labor themselves. In many cases, this can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on one project. DIY books and internet stations even provide tips and ideas for home improvement projects. Many of these stations even provide step by step instructions for completing many home jobs. Construction companies provide the ability for renting construction equipment for the jobs that require specialized equipment.

There are many home improvement jobs that require special equipment to complete. These machines can be very costly and it would be pointless for a homeowner to purchase one for a one time use. However, with the right certifications and down payment, they can rent the machines for a short period, just enough time to complete their home improvement project.
Some construction equipment is used more regularly than others. These are the types of machines that are easier to rent. Along with crawler dozers, crawler excavators and aerial work platforms, wheel loaders ranked among the most important product categories in 2011. Other types of equipment, such as forklifts and large handlers may also be common rentals. They are used to lift and move very heavy construction project materials.

A common use for forklifts and handlers is for roof work. A roof replacement or repair requires tons of materials. These materials need to be transported to the roof. A telescopic handler, or telehandler, is a machine widely used in agriculture and industry. In industry, the most common attachment for a telehandler is pallet forks and the most common application is to move loads to and from places unreachable for a conventional forklift. Forklifts and telehandlers are common when renting construction equipment.

The process for renting construction equipment is fairly simple. The process will actually depend on the type of construction equipment needed and the length of the rental. Longer projects may require longer rental times. This can increase the price of the rental and the security or certifications that are needed. The construction equipment rental requirements will also vary, depending on the place that you are renting construction equipment from.

Some construction rental equipment places will require certifications for all machines, while others may only require them for specific machines, like an aerial lift certification. The certification process generally involves a quick education and test about the proper usage of specific construction equipment.

The rental process will also include a thorough inspection of the construction equipment prior to renting and then again, once the equipment is returned. This ensures that no damage occurred during the rental. It also protects the renter from paying for damage that occurred from a different renter. This is usually done with an aerial lift inspection checklist. The renter and the rentee will go through each of the aerial lift parts, looking for any problems with them. This goes for all of the different equipment available.

More and more homeowners are attempting to DIY home improvement projects. With the popularity of the internet, homeowners can learn to complete almost any project. They can obtain the necessary materials at a home improvement store. They can even rent the needed construction equipment from a local rental company to complete these jobs. The rental process of the construction equipment is simple. Some machines may require certifications, while other may only require an inspection prior to rental. The inspection protects the homeowner and the company from liability and damage to the machines.