What Happens When You Hire a Cesspool Pumping Service

What Happens When You Hire a Cesspool Pumping Service


If you have a septic tank in your yard, you need to have it emptied on a pretty regular schedule. You might not have had one before, especially if you’ve just moved into a rural area. Keep reading here to learn more about what happened when you hire a cesspool pumping service.

When your cesspool cleaning servicer comes to your home, the first thing they need to know is what service you need. Do you need routine maintenance? Do you need any repairs? You’ll first answer these questions, and then you can get started.

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If this is the first time they’ve been to your home, they will use a tool called a prod to find the tank’s location underground. Make sure you let your servicer know if you have two septic tanks because a total cleaning will require you to open both tanks.

During the cleaning process, all solid and liquid material will be removed from the tank. Once it’s totally cleaned, your grass will be moved back into place and you’ll be all set. If you enjoyed your service, keep their number on hand for the next time you need a cesspool cleaning.