What You Need to Know About Painting During a Home Renovation

What You Need to Know About Painting During a Home Renovation


When you decide to update your home, the excitement of the moment can be overwhelming. The thrill of finally getting colors on the walls from this century and enjoying newer appliances would bring a smile to anyone’s face. But, throughout the process, it is important to note when to do certain things. Especially during a home renovation, your painting could be beneficial when it happens at the right time. By the time you begin painting, whether you plan to do it yourself or employ a local painter, there is a lot you need to know about the process. Here are the things you want to know about painting during a home renovation.

The Timing Has to Be Right

As mentioned above, many people rush into the work at hand without considering other factors which might affect the energy they’re investing. It would be a shame to do a good job of painting your house, only to realize other aspects of the renovation will ruin your work. For this reason, knowing the right time to begin your painting is going to save you money and heartache in the long run. So how will you know when it’s time to break open those cans of fresh paint and gather the brushes, rollers, and other tools you’ll need for the job?

It largely depends on what kind of renovation is happening in your home. If you’re doing an entire overhaul, the painting will be closer to the end of the process. However, if your renovation is more cosmetic than structural, painting can be a thought you start with at the beginning. Take time to check in with your home remodeling contractor about the specific time when you can begin painting during a home renovation. With the knowledge gained from your conversation, you can focus your energies on other aspects of the renovation until it’s time to start painting.

You Should Do It Before the Floors Are Installed

When you’re navigating a renovation, the moving parts can be difficult to manage. But, one good rule of thumb allows you to set your mind at ease. The painting should happen before any new floors are installed. By painting before the floors come in, you can be sure that no drips or smears will damage your flooring. Without any of these mistakes to consider, you will not be creating extra work for yourself to deal with after the renovation crew is gone. With this simple step, you can save your new floors from getting stained as you are painting during a home renovation.

With this trick, your interior design can also match flawlessly. With floors that match the painted color scheme, your newly renovated home will have the stylish look you’ve been dreaming about. While you’re choosing the flooring material, having walls and ceilings that are already painted gives you a better grasp of what styling choices will be best for your home.

Trust the Professionals

Even if you decide to do it yourself, you can receive valuable advice and pointers from a painting professional. Painting during a home renovation can seem simple, but this appearance is misleading. From understanding the correct way to prepare a space you want to paint to correctly choosing the paint and materials to use, you would benefit from checking in with people who offer interior painting services or a home remodeling contractor. Asking for instructions could be a blow to your pride, but wouldn’t it be worse if your painting job needed to be redone because you didn’t ask for directions in the first place?

By seeking professional assistance, you will acquire knowledge that will enhance your DIY process. If you run into any obstacles during the duration of your project, you can also reach out to these professionals and ask about any concerns you may have. For a flawless end product, you need to lean into the wisdom of people who know more about painting. In this way, you can guarantee that your painting during a home renovation will be an added benefit to the space.

A Checklist Can Help

With so many details to remember about painting during a home renovation, paper and pencil are your best friends. Trying to remember everything off the top of your head will let you down at the moments you need it most. Recalling one or two details about the work that needs to be done would be an easy task. But if you’re juggling a kitchen remodel and a painting overhaul, you will soon realize how many details there are to remember that simply cannot be kept in mind. For this reason, creating a checklist is a supportive move that allows you to stay present with the beautiful transformation happening in your home.

For your checklist, you will need to include the processes happening during your renovation. At this point, you can also begin to include all the items you’ll need for each process. By listing these items, you can also get a feel of your general budget. After listing the processes, you can return to your itemized list and elaborate further, adding any items you may have forgotten in the first round. By using a checklist, your painting process will be organized and smooth.

Exterior Painting Requires Cleaning

With interior painting, preparing the space to be painted may not require as much elbow grease. But due to the way houses are painted, the defenses set in place to protect your walls from the effects of weather could be much more difficult to strip down. As you navigate this process, it can also be done on your own with the guidance of a professional. But, depending on the size of your home, it could save you time to call a professional service to help you with this phase of painting during a home renovation. These services are equipped with the necessary tools and materials to make the job easier.

Speaking to your remodeling contractor throughout this process ensures that you understand exactly where your money is flowing and how to help the process stay efficient. Exterior painting is important because it could impact the value of your home. Whether you have the intention of selling your property in the future, making changes that don’t hurt the chances of making a sale protects your prospects. Your exterior painting is also one of the first things people will notice about your home. You want to make this aspect of your house appealing and match your style.

Your Interior Needs Love Too

While painting the exterior walls is a job best left to the professionals, this does not mean that painting your interior walls is an easy job. The preparation you need to make for painting during a home renovation can be just as demanding. However, painting interior walls gives the family a sense of ownership of the home. Going through the process of picking out preferred colors and then finally putting down that first brush stroke can be a rewarding and memorable experience. For this reason, knowing how to paint the interior walls is important for the beauty of your home.

Especially when it comes to painting interior doors, the process includes several steps. These processes must be guided by a painting professional who is patient and willing to allow the various members of your household to learn on the job. Because much of the work of painting comes through years of building muscle memory, do not become discouraged if your DIY interior painting doesn’t look the way you expect it to. By listening to the guidance of the professional who is working on your space, you can be sure that any mistakes will be corrected in good time.

It’s Up to You to Make the Space Home

When you choose your colors and the professionals you want to work on the painting, you also need to keep in mind that your home is your creative playground. By making your style and desires a priority, you will be sure to have an end product that you will enjoy for years to come. Whether this means purchasing local decal painting or choosing colors nobody else prefers, painting during a home renovation is one of the only chances you have to make a space truly your own. Listening to professional opinions can guide you in the decision-making process, but ultimately, your space should reflect your unique style.

Interior painting has an enormous variety of options to choose from. You can choose a matte finish or a glossy finish. If you enjoy a textured feeling on your walls, there is paint that will fulfill this unique need. If you like a very specific shade of paint, making this choice as you purchase the paint will bring you joy as you sit in the space your paint adorns. While a renovation process demands serious forethought, not every aspect of the process has to be strict.

painting during a home renovation doesn't need to be expensive

Spend Where It Matters

Bathroom remodeling could be one of the most demanding parts of home renovation. Especially in a financial way, bathrooms require the utmost care to achieve the best result. Using high-quality paint for your bathroom finish could be one of the best investments you make in this space. When you entertain guests, your bathroom is an important part of the experience. Having a beautiful bathroom makes the people who use it feel like they’ve entered a new level of luxury. If interior design matters to you, investing in the products that will be used in the bathroom shows that you understand the value of your money.

Updating the look of your bathroom could also be achieved by painting your wooden floor. If your bathroom has a wooden finish, decades of use can wear it down and give it a tired appearance. By painting over these floors, you give your bathroom space a breath of fresh air. Many people lean towards the traditional allure of a white wooden floor. Without a doubt, this floor calls back memories of sandy beaches and resorts. But if you’re feeling adventurous, pick a different neutral color to give your space a moody makeover.

A final tip for your bathroom is repainting your bathtub could save you more money than replacing the entire fixture. Especially if you enjoy the way your tub fits into the overall style of your bathroom, the idea of replacing it could be a chore within itself. Talk to your painting professional and find out what the options are for repainting this beloved piece. Why make extra purchases when you could upcycle what you already have?

Practical Choices Serve Best in the Kitchen

When it comes to your kitchen space, you want every change you make to serve you for decades. As people look for a home to buy, often the choices made in the kitchen determine whether the home will sell or not. Functionality is what keeps the heart of the home beating. This is why you should choose finishes that respond well to heat and constant cleaning with harsh chemicals. Your kitchen remodeling service could install all the best appliances and hardware, but your paint is what makes or breaks the appeal of your kitchen. When you’re painting during a home renovation, let the choices made in the kitchen be guided by the way you use your kitchen every day.


Painting during a home renovation is one of the most exciting steps in the process. It gives a sense of finality to the work you’ve been doing. And it declares the newness of your space. To make the best choices for your home, use these guidelines and trust that you will have a home that looks exactly how you like it in the end. Don’t shy away from asking for help or choosing options that align with your style and desires. Painting during a home renovation is a fun way to express yourself and protect your home.