When Is the Time to Replace Your AC?

When Is the Time to Replace Your AC?


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It isn’t exactly the season for air conditioner service. Still, diligent homeowners across the southwest know that that’s no excuse to neglect regular filter changes and maintenance checks. They’re gearing up for AC season, and all too many of them are going to be disappointed when their systems break down mid-heatwave, despite all their hard work and attention.

It’s an unfortunate occurrence that mainly happens when air conditioners are starting to reach the end of their lifespans. Eventually, home AC repair and compressor replacement just won’t cut it any more. But, how do you know when it’s time to hang up your saddle on central air repair and call for complete replacement? Here are the three major warning signs.

  1. Too many calls to the central air repair company. If you’re starting to feel like you’ve made far too many calls for central air conditioner repair, it may be time for replacement. A real indicator is that those AC repair service calls have gotten progressively more expensive. Sure, it’s an option to keep patching up your AC every time it breaks down, but you’ll eventually hit the point where it no longer makes financial sense. A new installation costs more up front, but it saves in the long run by eliminating the need for costly central air repair calls.
  2. Your temperature is inconsistent. If you’re finding that certain rooms in your home just can’t stay cool while others are far too hot, you might either be experiencing problems with AC malfunction, poor insulation, or duct work. Either way, these are all major indicators that repair won’t be enough anymore. It’s time to call for a new unit.
  3. The unit you have is past its prime. Aging units are the most popular reasons for replacement. The average air conditioner is not designed to live much longer than 10 years. Once your unit reaches that age, replacement is probably right around the corner. Replacing your older unit can often bring better energy efficiency, improved air quality, and reduced carbon emissions, so don’t panic. It can end up doing you a world of good.

When repair doesn’t make sense anymore, it’s time to think about replacing your central air conditioner. It may sound daunting, but it’s liable to save you plenty of money in energy and repair cost savings. So, if you find yourself among the many homeowners whose units break down this summer, bite the bullet and think about replacement. The benefits will be worth the cost. Helpful info also found here.