Why Inspecting Fire Extinguishers Is Important

Why Inspecting Fire Extinguishers Is Important


Fire protection

Every single day there is a fire in the United States that hurts and devastates the lives of those that it impacts. Sometimes these fires involve businesses such as restaurants or large commercial buildings. However, there are often times where these fires can happen in houses and other residential buildings as well and they can ruin the lives of the people who live there.

There are definitely ways to prevent and possibly even avoid fires. These include having a technician check on your furnace and hot water heater as those are places that sometimes generate extreme heat as well as kitchen appliances such as your stove. However, many people will overlook one of the simplest ways that they can help stop fires and that involves fire extinguisher inspections.

It may sound silly or simply to sit and write about the importance of having a strong fire extinguisher that works in your building, but as mentioned before, many people often do understand how important this is. They also do not realize that it is important for them to have a fire extinguisher recharge, fire extinguisher services, and fire extinguisher inspections. Here are all the facts you should know about fire extinguisher servicing and fire extinguisher inspections.

Automatic extinguishing systems that are placed within commercial kitchens must be inspected by a qualified contract every six months. This must be done so that you can make sure your fire extinguisher systems will work when you need them. Without fire extinguisher inspections you can end up with a fire extinguisher that does not work and that is going to be awful when you try to stop a fire from spreading.

Make sure that after your fire extinguisher inspections, you place your fire extinguishers no more than 30 feet away from cooking areas. More than 2,000 fire incidents were reviewed in a study that revealed that portable fire extinguishers had helped to successfully extinguish more than 80% of all fires. Make sure you get the right fire extinguisher inspections to help protect your business or home.

Understand that every single year there are more than 8,000 commercial kitchen fires reported by business owners. So if you are a business owner that ruins a commercial business you should be aware that the laws of average are not in your favor in this scenario. As a result, it is quite important you take care of your fire extinguisher inspections.

The annual average costs of fires for restaurants and dining establishments equates to about $246 million in direct property damage. So understand that you will lose so much money if you fall victim to a fire and your fire extinguisher cannot help you stop the fire from spreading. Especially since over half of all fires in restaurants will involve the cooking equipment.

Statistics have helped to break down the causes of these fires. Just about 9% of all kitchen fires come from deep fryers, 7% of all kitchen fires stem from ranges, and miscellaneous kitchen and cooking equipment make up 5% of all fires. Most fires in buildings without confined restaurants with start in cooking areas and kitchens as well. These statistics prove why fire extinguisher inspections are essential to the well-being of your business and building.

In Conclusion

Make sure you take care of your fire extinguisher inspections. This will help you be prepared for the worst case scenario if there is ever a fire in your building. Sometimes for many kitchens, these fires are unavoidable, and thus it is imperative that you work to make sure that the fire cannot spread once it has started. That way you can work to limit the amount of damage done to your business and you can also protect the foundations of your building.