Why Sump Pumping is Necessary in Construction Sites?

Why Sump Pumping is Necessary in Construction Sites?


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Sump pumping is one of the most common groundwater control technique, whereby groundwater is collected through the excavations, and then collected in sumps and pumped away. Unlike other dewatering techniques, this can be quite an inexpensive project, but still, water seepage and ground loss can be costly to deal with, especially on construction sites. With a robust pump fitted on each sump, this system can even pump water with large solid particles. However, sump pumping may be a risky project, especially if the adjacent ground or structure is unstable. As a result, local sump pump excavation companies offer mitigation strategies to prevent water seepage into the excavation, and it’s referred as the pre-drainage process. These strategies include deep wells, educators, vacuum wells, well points, relief wells, siphon drain, and artificial recharge.

For you to achieve effective drawdowns, proper sump pump installation has to be done, but most importantly, the type of soil will also affect the process. Gravel is a well-graded type of soil that favor sump pumping. Generally, sump pumping has two main applications, which are: groundwater control and surface water control.

Surface Water Control: Within local sump pump excavation, this system removes water run-off through ditches and channels it to sumps.

Groundwater control: Through base and slide slopes, sump pump removes groundwater that seeps into the excavation. Additionally, ditches and channels form the path through which seepage water is directed to sumps.

The most important local sump pump installation service is the ground analysis. This is a crucial factor that makes that determines the type of dewatering technique for groundwater projects. Different regions tend to have different types of soil hence posing a threat on the specific method to use. If you have an ongoing construction project, it’s important to choose the right sump pump installation company that is experienced to handle both basic and complex groundwater control. Here are two standards that measure a good sump pumping system.

Normal Operations
Local sump pump excavation process involves a lot of work that uses both basic and complex machines, Water sumps, drains, and ditches are also part of this process. However much necessary dewatering a ground is, this process should not interfere with construction activities.

Reliable Machines
The sump pumps should be capable enough to withstand different working conditions and also handle sizeable solids. Pumping capacity is always an issue when you decide to find a reliable sump pump. With an increased pump capacity, there is the increase in efficiency of dewatering and controlling groundwater levels.