10 Open Concept Kitchen Design Ideas

10 Open Concept Kitchen Design Ideas


Living in a home without an open concept kitchen is like living in one without windows. There are too many limitations on what you can cook, how much space you have to cook, and how your kitchen looks. The first step to embracing your open-concept kitchen is finding out what layout best fits your needs. Here are ten open concept kitchen design ideas.

Incorporate an Island

Consider adding a large island if your kitchen is rectangular or L-shaped. One significant advantage of the island is that you can use it for entertaining seating and dining, but you can also use it as an extra workspace when not in use as a dining area.

The island is among the best open concept kitchen design ideas. You can use it for cooking or eating, but this time it’ll serve as a central piece of your new kitchen layout that helps define the space.

The idea of an island in the center of the room has been around for centuries, and many people think it’s worth considering. The benefits of incorporating an island are infinite. It helps create a sense of cohesion in the room. The island becomes the central point for gathering and offers an elevated area not cluttered with appliances.

The other big perk is its location. You can always come and go as you please without getting in the way of others. It’s also easier to keep your dishes clean. All you have to do is move yourself and your stuff while everyone else stays put. You can get the entire family involved in helping you prepare meals, too.

Islands aren’t just for the center of the kitchen. You can also use them for storage or as a sideboard with one of the walls. Often, an island has seating and can serve as your bar area if you don’t have a formal dining room area in your home. Keep in mind that it works better when you have space to spare; otherwise, it can make your kitchen feel smaller.

Use the Back Wall

Another great way to open up the look of your kitchen is to use the walls along the back of your kitchen. Rather than having a built-in U-shaped cabinet where you can only see half of it, consider adding tall cabinets that go from floor to ceiling. It will give you more room for storage and help make your room seem more extensive.

A back wall is one of the most essential open concept kitchen design ideas. It helps keep your oven, stove, and counters from being in the same area, so you’re not tripping over things or constantly bumping into the person cooking dinner. If you don’t have one, consider adding one. It can be as straightforward as painting a wall or building something more complicated like this open concept kitchen design.

Use Large Windows or Windows With a Great View

If your kitchen is within an open concept space, you should consider using large windows or multiple cabinets to showcase a beautiful view. Small openings are good, but large windows and natural light can help open up your kitchen and make it feel much more significant than it is.

Designers are advocating for large windows and doors with a great view to help promote creativity and wellness in their spaces. The natural light from these windows is an essential source of vitamin D and provides psychological benefits like reduced stress, improved mood, and elevated energy levels.

Having large windows is one of the open concept kitchen design ideas. When you have a large window in your kitchen, it is one of the most valuable assets. The light that comes through will make the entire room feel brighter and will be the perfect backdrop for cooking or working on homework. When you have window drapes that don’t see too well out of or surrounded by walls, your setup can feel claustrophobic and suffocating.

Open up the Countertop

When designing your kitchen, think about how far away the sink will be from the wall. If you have a big kitchen, it can be nice to have an island in the middle with a sink built into the island. If your sink is not built-in, consider using a deep under-counter basin to help accommodate large pots and pans. You can work with a plumber to achieve this.

Countertops not only serve as the perfect place to produce meals and snacks, but they also become a fundamental part of the design and feel of a room. Counters are becoming more primary than cabinets in many modern home kitchens because they help define kitchen space. Most designers emphasize creating different types of countertops for other design styles.

You can choose from slab-style countertops or those that are slightly hinged. You can use these countertops in traditional and contemporary open-concept kitchen design ideas. One of the most commonly used types of countertops is a laminate countertop. They are straightforward to clean and come in various designs and colors. Countertops are also available with beveled edges, which give your kitchen a more elegant look while they serve to protect your backsplash from getting scratched.

There are many ways in which a designer can customize your kitchen countertops. Cutting into the countertop is one way to create a unique design that suits your home and style. The inset works as a ledge to hold cookbooks and flowers or as a decorative recess. If your home has a problem with air conditioning, you can consider HVAC replacement to make your home conducive throughout.

Finish With Lighting to Enhance Your Room

Lighting is more than just a kitchen necessity; it is an element that can transform your entire space. When looking into open concept kitchen design ideas, think about how important it is to have sufficient lighting where you will be doing the most cooking. If you cook over a countertop, use a dimmer switch or buy several spotlights.

The simple addition of lighting makes it easier to create an inviting atmosphere in any room or cabinet. You can use it in the bedroom, kitchen, closet, and bathroom design ideas.

To make it look stylish, mount the strip on the edge of your cabinets. Then, you can use an adhesive made for that purpose to stick it on top of your cabinets. And then, you can also use glue to stick it on the back of cabinet doors so it will be more visible and decorative. You can also use residential window tint to enhance the lighting in your kitchen.

Use Attractive Materials

Using attractive materials is among the best open concept kitchen design ideas to turn your kitchen into a cooking haven. Try using natural lighting and stylish fixtures, like LED. LED lights tend to look more modern, and there’s no way you can get more natural light than natural light.

Or, if you’re looking for a more traditional touch, consider using tiles on your kitchen floor.

A kitchen full of tile is inviting, and you’ll be able to quickly rattle around the things needed to cook, such as pots and pans. It’s easy to imagine a kitchen full of water, steam, and searing heat, which is why tiles are great for modern kitchens.

Consider using attractive hardwood such as oak and granite to take your cooking space to the next level. If you do not want the high cost of hardwood flooring, consider using laminate flooring, tile, or even stainless steel appliances.

If you renovate your kitchen, it is helpful to find a design concept and materials that will go well with each other and the rest of your home. It is also essential that these materials stay beautiful and functional through many years of use. Hiring professional plumbing services to do a perfect renovation is also vital.

Mix the Heights

When looking into open concept kitchen design ideas, the requirement of providing separate storage space next to every work area is essential. Too much free space means less of a purpose as it tends to make the work area feels like space.

While mixing design elements such as hardware and cupboards can easily muddle the flow of a kitchen, there are some tricks you can use. An easy way to incorporate different height designs is by sliding boxes underneath cabinets or drawers. You can even put tall boxes beneath cabinets if you plan to store small appliances such as blenders and food processors.

Use Color Wisely

Color is one of the critical decisions when implementing open concept kitchen design ideas. Using color in your decor can create a mood and set the tone for how people feel in a room.

When designing your kitchen, choose an attractive color that is conducive to the environment and style of the room. If you want a natural feeling, consider using a neutral painted color or a white tone. If you want a modern look, use cool colors for your cabinets, such as black or dark purple. If you want to create a bright space, choose warm colors such as red or yellow.

When several people use the kitchen daily, they must provide privacy. By combining open concept kitchens with dividers or small sections, you can create different-sized rooms that you can use for eating and cooking in small spaces and offer more privacy where needed. You can also accomplish it by combining architectural features with different colors.

Alternatively, you could combine cool colors with hardwood and natural materials to create a more robust space. You could do this using red brickwork that looks like the elements have worn to create an earthy and warm feel to the area.

Colors other than black can help create cohesion in your open concept kitchen design. But choosing the right ones is essential so you don’t come across as tacky or overly fussy.

Consider High Footings

When designing your kitchen, think about the height of your cabinets and where the lighting source will be. Tall cabinets do not look very good in a large open kitchen, but they can add wonderful light to a small room.

High footings are essential if you’re considering open concept kitchen design ideas. A high floor is not just one but two feet of concrete under the house; one supports the foundation itself, and another serves as a kitchen platform. Practically, this means that your flooring will be more level and smooth.

High footings in your kitchen will result in more space and a more comfortable cooking experience. High floors are perfect for tall people or kids who want to cook without being stuck in the lower cabinets. You can incorporate roofing repair into your kitchen remodeling project to add value to your entire home.

Use Storage Wisely

To make your cooking area appear more prominent, consider using storage above the countertop rather than under it. The kitchen island also works well if you provide extra seating for entertaining.

Open concept kitchen design ideas may not be the most practical addition to any home. If incorporated into a space with a large kitchen and multiple seating areas, they can be a great way to use the space well.

Spacious and open kitchens can, at times, feel relatively empty. It is where the addition of storage units can help. Adding a few storage units can offer enough room to store your kitchen equipment and supplies without consuming much space.

Storage units don’t have to be in one place; you could also consider using movable islands that can move around your kitchen but allow easy access to the items you desire. You can add storage units over the stove or around the sink. Removing a drain clog under the sink is vital to prevent mold growth in the storage spaces. They can even be used as a backsplash to add a different type of aesthetic to the area.

Open concept kitchen design ideas are great ways of giving your home a new look without sacrificing all of its functionality. You can use a range of colors, and you can even add storage units to your open concept kitchen design. By combining these elements, you can create a space that offers just the right amount of style without compromising its practicality.

In conclusion, open concept kitchen design ideas are a great way to enjoy a conversation while cooking and grabbing a drink with your guests. It also allows for the flow of air and sunlight, which will help make cooking seem more like fun than an obligation. It is also essential to have regular HVAC repair services to ensure that your system is functional throughout.

Open-concept kitchens can also be the perfect solution for cramped spaces, giving you room to spread out without too much space. If you plan to design your room or remodel your kitchen, think about what you have and what you hope to accomplish with the area. Once you have gathered a reasonable idea of how you will utilize the space, consider how open-concept kitchens can match these needs.

Make sure your plans involve an open-concept kitchen design and professional plumbing services before implementing any rework or construction project to get the most out of your work and money.