Your Landscaping is Important Find the Best Landscaper with These 7 Tips

Your Landscaping is Important Find the Best Landscaper with These 7 Tips


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The landscaping at your home makes a difference in its value. Good landscaping can have a return on investment (ROI) of between 100 and 200%, according to Money Magazine. When done properly, the American Power Association says landscaping can cut air conditioning bills by 50%. Trees that are planted in places where they can provide shade for a home’s windows and walls. In urban environments, just one tree can provide as much as $273 every user in benefits related to pollution prevention and mitigation, erosion from storm water, help for wildlife and air conditioning. Finding the right expert landscaping services can make a big difference.

Find the Right Landscaping Design Company with These Tips:

  1. Talk to your friends, family and neighbors. If you know people who own their own homes, you know people who have used an expert landscaping services company. The best way to get quality goods and services is through a personal referral. If you see that someone in your neighborhood who has a particularly nice lawn or garden, ask them who they used and how they found them. They will appreciate that you like their lawn and will probably be happy to recommend the name of the landscape design company that did it for them.
  2. Look online. Many cities and towns have Facebook groups and pages that have been set up to promote local goods and services. Check these. Post something to your wall and on these other pages. Check Yelp! Do a Google search for expert landscaping services in your city or town. Be wary of anonymous complaints on these sites. People are much more likely to complain than compliment and do this more when they can do it anonymously.
  3. Get a few estimates in writing. It is important to get at least three quotes from local expert landscaping services companies. Keep in mind that the most expensive may not be the best or have the highest quality and the cheapest may end up costing you a lot more. Getting detailed estimates in writing can help you more easily evaluate and compare all of the quotes. Find out what, if any, deposit the company will require. This is often between 30 and 50% of the full price of the project.
  4. Ask for references. Check the references if you can. Once you have narrowed your search, ask to speak to current or former clients. If you get to talk to some, ask them what it was like to work with the landscaping company. Ask them about the process, how long it took to complete their job, what the staff was like and if they came in under or over budget. Some companies have testimonials on their website, check those out if you can. It is easy to make these up.
  5. Ask about their licenses and insurance. Verify whatever they tell you. If a worker in injured while working on your project, you need to know that the expert landscaping services company has the right insurance. You do not want to be liable for that. Check with local and state officials about what the requirements are in your area for landscapers.
  6. Get information on the specifics of your project. How long does the company expect it to take? What equipment will be used? How much experience do they have woking on projects like this? Ask for a sketch of what they expect the final project to look like when they are done.
  7. Finalize and review your contract. Having everything in writing protects you and the expert landscaping services company. They will know what you expect and you will know what they can do. This document should include, the materials that will be used, all costs (including any fees), any guarantee (make sure this is for at least two years) and a lien waiver. The waiver is important. You want the landscaper to buy any needed materials and then charge you later.

Your landscaping really makes a difference in how people view your home. Your lawn and garden is the first thing people see and having a great landscaper will improve the look and feel of your home. You will also get more if you choose to sell.