How to Have a Nice Bathroom on a Budget

How to Have a Nice Bathroom on a Budget


Ceramic tile

A bathtub is a safe haven. It’s a place of relaxation, cleansing and purifying and it should be kept in great shape. If you want to do something new to your bath tub but are worried about the cost of bathtub refinishing then here are a few ideas for how you can up your bathtub experience without breaking the bank. The cost of bathtub refinishing or cosmetic changes to your bath does not have to be a lot and the changes don’t have to be extravagant. Sometimes, the smallest changes are the best. Fixing cracked tiles or re caulking the sides of the tub could be all the upgrading that you need in order to make you happier with your bath tub.

Replace Missing Tile
If you have any tiles that are missing on the walls around the tub, this can make it seem like the bath itself is degrading. You may be surprised to find that just replacing a few cracked or missing tiles makes the bath itself seem so much fancier. The problem is that as you soak, unless you are reading a book or watching a movie or simply have your eyes closed, there is not a lot to look at except the walls around the bath tub. Because of this, you probably are able to see every imperfection in each tile and grout line.

Refinish the Tub
Refinish the tub? You might ask. Didn’t we already establish that the cost of bathtub refinishing is out of the budget? Well, what if you could do it for less than 30 dollars? If you visit your local home development store or hardware store, you may be able to find a cheaper product that you could do yourself. However, keep in mind that DIY jobs are risky and don’t always turn out very well. Test a small unnoticeable part of the tub before you dive right in with something like that. It’s better to take longer to do a good job if necessary.

Rub a Dub Dub Your Tub
If you aren’t interested in even finding out the cost of bathtub refinishing, sometimes a good deep cleaning is all you need to make you feel a whole lot better about your tub. Especially if you are renting, sometimes tub can get what almost looks like rust along the bottom of the tub. Often times a good vinegar and dish soap mixture or an abrasive scrub and some elbow grease is just what is needed to give your bath tub a makeover. Elbow grease is the key though. If you are going to through this route then let your chosen cleaning mixture sit for 20 minutes before going in their with your rubber gloves and rags and scrubbies. Then, once you start the scrubbing process, really get in there good. You may need to repeat the process several times if you’ve never done it before.

Replace All the Tile
Replacing all the tile could give your entire bathroom a face lift. Of course, this might be a little pricey depending on what you replace the tile with. Some materials are more expensive than others but doing research will give you answers about that. You could even have a contractor come in and give you an idea of what it would cost to replace the tile with something different.

Redo the Grout
Grout is usually supposed to be white but over time, soap scum and dirt and dust can stick to the grout turning it gray or even black. A good bleach cleaner and a toothbrush might do the trick but if it’s just too much, you may need to have the grout redone. Try the cleaning route first because it’ll be quite a job to get the grout redone and might not be something that you want to pay for. However, it makes a huge different to the look of your bathroom.

Having a nice bathroom is important for the residents as well as guests. No one likes to use or even see a dirty bathroom, its worse than a dirty bedroom or anything else. Keeping it clean could make you feel better about the entire house.