3 Choices To Make Before Your Bathroom Remodel

Kitchen backsplash

If you are part of the 60% of Americans who, according to Houzz survey, plan on remodeling your master bathrooms then there are some important decisions coming your way. Do you want a simple peel and stick tile or an ornate backsplash? Do you want normal ceramic floor tiles or heated ones? Let’s break down three of the biggest choices you will have to make.

Pre-Fabricated Shower or Shower Wall Tile?

The pros for the Pre-fab option are pretty obvious. It’s easy! The work been done for you. Now all that’s left is to affix it to the wall. The drawback? There’s no way to make it your own.

The master bathroom is a place for unwinding, you want it to feel luxurious and calming. More importantly it should be a reflection of yourself. Do you prefer mosaic glass wall tiles that shimmer and catch the light? Or sleek, simple white subway tile?

What Kind of Sink?

There are two major kinds to consider, the traditional Vanity or the Pedestal. Pedestals have an air of elegance, and easily play into a more refined sensibility, but the draw backs are big ones. Primary among them is the lack of storage space, and space for commonly used bathroom products: toothbrushes, comb, men’s razor.

The traditional vanity takes up considerably more space than the pedestal, but makes organization much easier. There are also more decorating options with a vanity. While a pedestal necessitates a floating mirror, the vanity allows you to choose a larger connected mirror, and can support the addition of backsplash designs that can help pull your room together, or an ornate backsplash that really pops!

What to Do with the Walls?

It doesn?t matter how beautiful your shower tile is, or how cool the ornate backsplash you?ve picked are if the walls are hideous. While it is certainly ok to choose a simple, neutral color for your backsplash you should not be afraid to add some texture or color.
One piece of advice, avoid cliches like seashells or lighthouses unless it fits with the theme of your home. The key to successfully dressing up your master bathroom is to treat it like an extension of your master bedroom. If your bedroom is painted a lush, deep brown, why not carry it into the bathroom? Or, if you?re afraid it will make the room look to small, find a nice contrasting cream color.

The master bathroom is the first place you will go in the morning, and the last before you go to bed, so why not treat it with the respect and care you?d give to the rest of your master suite. Find more on this here.