Three Reasons Why You Should Buy On The Outer Banks

Outer banks real estate for sale

Buying a home — especially a property meant primarily for vacationing — can be nerve-wracking at first. It’s one thing to buy a house in the place where you primarily live, another entirely to consider a beach property. Yet many people are talking to their realtors about properties on the Outer Banks for just this reason. Why? For one thing, it’s becoming trend to own a condo on the Outer Banks. For another thing, many buyers are realizing that they don’t have to wait a long time before buying a the vacation house or condo of their dreams — in 2014, the average first-time home buyer was 31, while the typical repeat buyer was 53. Hardly what we’d call ancient! That same year,

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Tips for Easy Packing and Moving

Quality moving and storage

Moving is a large task that requires a lot of planning and physical labor. Yet despite the difficulties of moving, most people will do it multiple times throughout their life. Many do not have a choice, and move because of career moves. Properly planning for a large move can make it easier and can ensure that you are able to find your belongings during the move. It can also prepare you for future moves, making the entire moving process as effortless as possible. Tips for packing and moving can be the difference between an effortless move and an unorganized and stressful move.

Box items by new room
Most people are aware that boxing household items by room is the best way to pack. However, many people fail to box their household items based on the new rooms in their

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Hardwood, Carpet Or Laminate Flooring Which Option Is Best For My Home?


What could your house be missing as of late? While some of the most common conclusions might be a lack of furniture or old windows, the reality may be right under your nose. Good flooring is one of the most underappreciated yet necessary elements of a functional home, affecting everything from your heating to your day-to-day comfort. Whether or not you choose laminate flooring, hardwood or carpet will depend on what you personally look for in comfort and sustainability.

Did You Know?

Before we look into laminate flooring or vinyl tile, let’s take a look at some lesser-known facts concerning home renovation. According to st

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Acoustic Design for Musical Spaces

Ceiling clouds

Acoustic design professionals use ceiling clouds and sound isolation wall panels for multiple purposes. They are used to absorb sound to eliminate ambient noise. Acoustical accent clouds come in a variety of styles and are also used as design elements. When used for a ceiling, they can be used to cover up features like exposed plumbing or HVAC ductwork.

Why bother with soundproofing?
Research and experience show that most spaces, whether residential or public, would benefit from the use of acoustic building products to control sound and acoustics. Whether the purpose is to reduce l

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