Going Camping? Don’t Forget Your Camper Jack Pads!

Camper jack pads

How long was your last camping trip? According to the 2014 American Camping Report, people usually camp for longer periods of time when they stay in their recreational vehicle (RV). On average, 13% of RV campers spend a week or more camping every year.

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association recently reported that there are roughly 8.9 million households that own an RV. Whether you have a motorized or a towable RV, you probably prefer staying in it rather another type of camp lodging or shelter, such as tents.

According to the 2014 American Camping Report.16% of campers prefer staying in their RV. Even when you prefer staying in your RV, you can still include a night or two in a tent or under the stars.

According to Recreation Vehicle Industry Association research, RV o

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Protecting Your Kitchen Understanding the Four Classes of Fire for Commerical Kitchens

Fire extinguisher servicing

As someone who works in a commercial kitchen, the threat of a kitchen fire breaking out is a very real one that occurs over 8,000 times per year. Aside from the possible loss of life and injury, kitchen fires are absolutely devastating for businesses, costing an annual average of $246 million in direct property damage. Understanding the potential for fire, as well as how to prevent and fight different kinds of kitchen fires could be the difference between life and death.

Class A Fires

Your Class A fires are perhaps the ones that people are most familiar with. These fires consist of ordinary combustibles such as wood, trash, paper, or anything else that leaves ash behind. Likewise, as many people would expect, water is the best combatant to douse and extinguish Class A

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4 Ways to Get Your Closet More Neat and Organized

Tile rochester ny

Most people like to have a neat and tidy home. Hardwood floors, vinyl tile and laminate flooring is as popular as it is today because it is easy to clean. When many people are looking to straighten up their home, they often look for closet solutions to make those areas more neat and organized. These tips can help with that.

1. Downsize your belongings. Experts in organizing recommend people go through their wardrobes once or twice a year. If you have seasonal clothing, such as warm clothes for the winter, and you have not worn in two seasons, you should get rid of them. If you choose to donate to charity, you can help a lot of people and lower your tax bill (the Internal Revenue Service allows you

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How to Prepare Your Basement for a Sump Pump

Basement sump pump installation

If you have an older home that was built without a very good basement waterproofing system, then a great way to eliminate the whole wet basement problem or at least reduce it, is with sump pump installation. There’s always the option of well digging or well drilling services but if you are not a plot of land that would support a well then you’d have to look for other options. That’s where the sump pump comes in. For a job as big as this, with the water tanks and all the other things that have to be included, you probably want to hire a professional to take care of your baseme

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