The Vinyl Siding Install Process

The Vinyl Siding Install Process


Vinyl siding is an excellent alternative to typical wall paint and does a good job of covering up problem walls. Unfortunately, vinyl siding isn’t cheap; according to, homeowners pay roughly $11,200 for vinyl siding for an entire house. However, homeowners can cut this price by up to a half by learning about vinyl siding install. Vinyl siding is available in most home improvement centers, but how can homeowners install it?

According to the narrator in the video, the tools needed for the job include a carpenter’s square, a hammer, a level, and vinyl snips.
To install the siding, homeowners should buy the siding and flat head shingle nails.

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Homeowners should begin by nailing the corner caps.

Next, homeowners should install the starting strip at the bottom, which helps them slide the remaining vinyl siding pieces into place. Finally, should interlock the vinyl siding pieces on top of each other but not too tightly. When nailing the vinyl, they should leave about three spaces between the nails, and the nails shouldn’t go all the way in to allow for expansion and contraction of the vinyl under heat.