Gas Water Heater Replacement

Gas Water Heater Replacement


Gas water heater replacement might seem like a job for professionals only, and while this is the best option, homeowners can replace their gas water heaters on their own. DIY gas water heater replacement is especially ideal for homeowners who want to save some cash. How can homeowners replace their gas heaters on their own?

According to the narrator in the video, the first step in replacing a gas heater is to check the labels on the existing heater to see the size and energy specifications that help guide homeowners when buying a new one. Next, homeowners should test whether their venting works by closing all windows, switching on gas appliances, and placing a match under the hood; the smoke should be sucked in.

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The homeowners should remove the venting, shut off the cold water supply and connect a garden hose to the drain valve to remove water from the existing tank.
Next is removing the discharge pipe from the TandP valve and disconnecting the water supply. The new tank should be set on a drain pan and the discharge pipe installed. After this, you must reattach the water lines and fill the new tank with water.

Finally, the homeowner should connect the gas supply and switch it on to heat water. Overall, this was the gas water heater replacement process.