Preparing Your Yard for Fall Weather

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As the weather cools and the temperatures drop, it can be difficult to keep a nice looking lawn. Naturally healthy lawn care generally requires plenty of water, good soil, and sunlight. Although the colder fall weathers bring two of these conditions, the sunlight can be lacking. Fortunately, there are ways to improve the condition of your lawn and prepare it for the coming spring.

Wait longer between cuts
By leaving your grass just a little longer, usually between 2 and a half inches and 3 and a half inches, you can usually improve your lawn?s health. Waiting a little longer in between cuts also provides you with additional advantages. You will cut your lawn care costs by not having to use as much gas for the mower or moisturizer for the freshly cut grass. Instead

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Did You Know That Landscaping Adds Value to Your Home?

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What do you value most about your backyard? Is it the extra space it gives you for relaxing, entertaining and playing with kids and pets? The combination of greenery and seasonal color that provides a refreshing contrast with the concrete jungle where you head off to work every day? The natural cooling and warming effects of trees on your property? Most people are surprised to learn that landscaping can even increase the value of their home, making it one of the most important home improvement projects possible.

Outdoor living in all seasons
Most people love spending time in their backyards, whatever the season. In warmer weather, your backyard is an extension of your home, an outdoor space to drink your morning coffee and catch up on the news before tackling the workd

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5 Tips For Maintaining Your Sump Pump

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When it comes to your family’s emergency prevention, a sump pump is essential. By keeping your pump in prime condition, you will ensure that you are prepared to handle any amount of water that collects through heavy rains. The following tips will help you keep your sump pump in quality condition until it is time to schedule basement sump pump installation.

  1. Perform regular cleaning. Clean your pump, inlet screen, and other parts of the system to keep debris from collecting and clogging the pump. It’s natural for these materials to collect, especially if you use well water. But it’s also quite simple to get them out.
  2. Know your environmental risks. It’s important to know if you live in a flood risk zone. This way, you can take extra precautions for keeping your

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Are You Looking for Replacement Windows for Your New Home?

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Residential and commercial windows are a big business. And in a time when thousands of people in Texas are dealing with partial and complete destruction of their homes, residential and commercial windows will play a significant part in both the rebuilding and recovery efforts. In fact, the rebuilding and recovery efforts will be so extensive and will last so long that it will take companies from across the company that will install residential and commercial windows to help both individual home owners and large businesses recover and rebuild.
Residential and commercial window installers always play an important role in the developing efforts of new communities and in the recovery and rebuilding of entire communities that are destroyed by natural disasters. In the process of this recovery and rebu

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