What Is Your Next Home Improvement Project?

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Both you and your husband have been working a few extra hours every week, and saving the money from those extra hours. After this extra work for the last six months you are ready to make a major investment in your home. The scheduled commercial window replacement will occur in just a few weeks, and while it requires a substantial investment, you know that it is worthwhile. In fact, studies by the National Association of Realtors, homeowners who replace their windows can get back 80% of their investment. This return on investment (ROI) for window replacements, however, is not the only advantage.
From energy savings to rebates from local utility providers, many home improvement projects provide home owners far more than the initial investment. With careful financial planning and budgeting, property owners can make sure that they are ready for any needed and necessary repair and replacement projects.
Commercial Window Replacement and Other Home Improvement Costs Increase the Value of a Home
Many people spend their times in a home moving from one repair emergency to another without ever planning for the investment that it takes to make the more wise investment in complete replacement process. For instance, instead of repairing one or two windows at a time, the wisest home owners know that they should get in the habit of setting aside money every month so that they have the needed funds when a major replacement project arrives.
When you make an appointment with a residential window installation company you will be presented with several choices. The temptation to opt for the least expensive choice, however, is not always the best decision. Instead, making the decision to purchase a more expensive product like maintenance free vinyl replacement windows can pay off in the long run. And while on average, replacing window costs can range between $300 and $700 a window, the decision to aim toward the higher end of the price range will often add more value to your home in the end.
In addition to adding to the value of a house, a home owner will also save on energy bills. In fact, if older double-pane windows in a 2,600-square-foot house are replaced with energy-efficient windows with low-E coatings, the savings can be worth as much as 15% a year on your energy bills, according to the Efficient Windows Collaborative. This coalition of government agencies, research organizations, and manufacturers works to promote efficient window technology.