Effective Application of Wheel Loaders in Construction Projects

Effective Application of Wheel Loaders in Construction Projects


Wheel loader

In the modern construction industry, there are several types of equipment, tools, and machinery used for both small and large scale construction purposes. From simple infrastructure project to skyscraping building construction, different types of machinery are used to ensure a successful project. Some example of operations that take place on a construction site includes digging and excavation, lifting and placing of building materials, dozing, grading, hauling, compacting and leveling.

Construction equipment is classified differently based on their functionality. These categorize include earth moving equipment, trucking and hauling, paving and compacting, drilling and trenching. Depending on the type of construction project, different equipment can be used all together.

On a construction site, it’s so typical to find a machine that loads material from stockpiles to trucks. One common machine that handles this kind of task is known as a wheel loader. This type of construction machine is versatile in its application whereby it can be used to transport material to job sites, clearing rubble, digging, laying pipes among other functions. Wheel loader comes in different bucket sizes that often ranges from 1 cubic yard 20 cubic yards. Typically, the largely sized loaders are used in heavy excavation projects such as mining. Whereas, small sized wheel loaders usually come with attachment coupler that allows specialized tools such as brooms, forks and lifting jibs to be fitted.

A wheel loader also known as front end loader is however not a suitable machine for digging as it’s limited by its wheels. But unlike other construction machines, loaders have a high productive and lower maintenance cost. Generally, loaders feature large bucket with a moving arm, which functions as a shovel. It also features four large wheels for its movement no wonder it’s categorized under earth moving construction machines. Other examples in this category include excavators, dozers, low clearance loaders, trenchers, and scraper. Loaders are made to withstand tough terrains and harsh working conditions. In addition to that, some are fitted with hydrostatic transmission for maximum mobility and ease-of-use.

Considering environmental aspects, there are types of loaders that are designed to produce minimum exhaust emissions and noise pollution. In recent times, construction projects have been made easy with effective and efficient machines that reduce material wastage and overall construction time. A machine such as a wheel loader will only prove beneficial to a project if it’s well maintained.