4 Secrets That Will Keep Your Furnace Happy All Winter Long

4 Secrets That Will Keep Your Furnace Happy All Winter Long


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You might be wondering why we are talking about 24 hour furnace repair now that spring has sprung and the last thing you need is hot air blowing efficiently throughout your home. The fact is, the worst possible time to need emergency 24 hour furnace repair is when it’s frigid outside, your furnace goes kaput, and you are desperate. Not only does this put you and your family and uncomfortable position, you may have to wait long amounts of time to get a contractor to your home, as there will be a thousand other homes who need 24 hour furnace repair in your area at the exact same moment. Not to mention, furnace repair costs are highest at this time.

On the other hand, the best way to avoid expensive 24 hour furnace repair is to tackle maintenance for your heating and cooling systems now, when you need them the least. A few simple heating and cooling services that you should perform regularly include:

  1. Call the furnace doctor for an annual check up. Having a professional heating and cooling contractor come look at your system once a year is an inexpensive way to catch any little issues before they become huge issues, and it cost you an arm and a leg to repair. Not to mention, sometimes there small issues with your heating and cooling unit that may not prevent it from working at all, but it does prevent it from working properly, leading to an inefficient system that cost you a lot on your monthly energy bills. Having an expert give your system a good look-over is a great way to ensure that it works in tiptop shape all season, and pays for itself through minimal electric or gas bills.

    While you have your heating and cooling contractors onsite, ask for for advice about keeping your furnace in great shape and running efficiently. You’re paying for their expertise, make the most of it!

  2. Keep your furnace filter as good as new. When your furnace filter gets caked in dust and grime, your whole heating unit has to work a lot harder to filter air through it. This cost you extra through energy expenses, compromises the quality of the air that you breathe as the filter cannot remove the dust, germs, and allergens efficiently, and it also can lead to expensive furnace repairs. Not to mention, having a clogged air filter to a furnace can be a fire hazard!

    Replacing your air filter costs as little as a your morning latte, and can save you a ton of money in the long run.

    Most heating and cooling experts recommend checking your air filter once a month. If it looks clean, you can keep living life as not though nothing is different; if it looks dirty, switch it out and keep your furnace happy!

  3. Keep an eye on your furnace tank. If you have a gas furnace with a tank rather than a municipal gas line, you do not want it to run out at the wrong moment! If you run out of fuel for your furnace in the middle of a blizzard, you can consider yourself up a creek without a paddle! Make sure to keep an eye on your fuel levels and order a refill before you reach a quarter tank to avoid any interruption in your home being warm and cozy all winter long.

  4. Give your furnace room to breath. If your furnace is blocked by storage and accumulation, furniture, or boxes, the air can’t circulate properly through it. This means that it has to work extra hard to get air in order to warm it up and circulated through your house. Not only does this, once again, cost you extra in energy expenses, when the system is working twice as hard, it lives half as long. You don’t want your furnace compressor to burnout and quit on the job only because you had a cardboard box blocking its airway. Keep the area of your home where the furnace resides a clutter-free zone to help get the longest lifespan out of your heater, and to avoid needing emergency furnace repair.

Do you have any other furnace maintenance tips? Please share in the comment section below!