8 Tips for a Great Hardscaping Design

8 Tips for a Great Hardscaping Design


Landscape walkways

It is no secret that a great landscaping job adds a lot of value to a home. It has been estimated that it will add at least 14% to the value of the home. A good looking yard has an impact on about 60% of homebuyers. Hardscapeing refers to all the features in your landscaping that are not plants. There are a lot of hardscapeing features that can really make your yard look amazing.

  1. Start with your budget. Like every large project, you need to start your hardscapeing with a budget. This could be the most boring part of any project but it needs to be done so when you talk to landscaping design company, you do not spend more than you really can afford. Do not stop with an umbrella number but go through and itemize. Make a wish list of what you would like to see from the project. Subtract 20% (projects are always over budget) and take that to your hardscaping services company. Stick to your guns.
  2. Draft a schematic. This is one of the fun parts. Go over the plans for your home and yard. Measure out the area you are looking to work with. Draw out the space either with a graphics application on your computer or tablet or you can do it on paper. Draw what you would like to see go in that space. This should be done to scale and that may be easier on a computer. If you use graph paper, that might make it easier if you are going to do it by hand/
  3. Start with a focal point. Interior designers always put a focal point. Think about your outdoor living spaces the same way. You have a lot of options for this area. Look at outdoor kitchens, some outdoor fireplace design, a fountain or a waterfall. Outdoor kitchens give you another “room” in your home where you can entertain your friends and family, everyone always gathers in the kitchen, right? Think about how you will use the space and that should lead you in the right direction. Whatever you are thinking about putting out in your yard do not forget to put in a seating area. That does not have to be built in but when you are planning the space, think about where it would go.
  4. Section off a cozy space. Many people like to work into their hardscapeing a private area to go and relax by yourself or with a romantic partner. This can be built-in-seating with a fountain or zen garden. Consider what you are doing with the corners of your space. This can be a wonderful space to go meditate and let the worries of the day drift out of your mind.
  5. Consider your climate control options. You keep the inside of your home comfortable with heating and air conditioning and you can do something similar with your yard It is possible to put in fans for the summer and either a fire pit or some outdoor heating. Talk to the hardscaping professionals you are working with to see what your options are.
  6. Do not stay on the straight and narrow. You will want walkways to get from one area to the other in your new outdoor living space but you are not going to be in a hurry so consider putting in curves. If you line your walkways with outdoor lighting and plants, you will create a space that looks like a resort. Your yard should be all about fun and relaxation and curves help soften the area.
  7. Soften your space with plants. If your design does not include shrubbery, plants, grass and other green elements, you may be left with a baron space that is not the relaxing and whimsical but more industrial and bare. Combine elements of landscape design and hardscape design to create your space. The juxtaposition of each element will make each stand out more.
  8. Factor in a drainage plan. “Green” your space even more by putting in a system that will use reclaimed rain water to capture water when it rains and use that to keep your plants, bushes, trees and other foliage hydrated.

You can have your dream yard with some thought and effort.