5 Great Ways to Pick a Trustworthy Plumber

5 Great Ways to Pick a Trustworthy Plumber


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Being told that you have plumbing problems is probably one of the top five things that a homeowner does not want to hear. It’s seems like it’s such a big, expensive repair job that no one will even know took place. At least when you need a new roof or driveway, it makes your home look better. But plumbing repairs are one of those things that really don’t make a different to the look of your home, only the functionality. When you think about it, though, the functionality is important if you ever want to have someone over at your house. But, finding a plumber you can trust can be difficult. So, here are some tips for finding a licensed plumber to take care of your plumbing problems.

Get a Referral
The best place to start is by getting some recommendations from friends, family or neighbors that have had similar situations. If you can’t find someone that they liked, at least you’ll be able to find out which plumbing companies you definitely should not go with. That’ll help narrow it down in a roundabout way. If you don’t know of anyone that has hired a plumber before then you could take it online and look around for local places online and see if people have heard of them and if they’ve heard anything one way or another about each company that you find out about.

Look at Online Reviews
As you hear about or find plumbing companies, look them up online. They will probably have an area on their website where customers have written reviews but because the moderator of the website is the company, they probably won’t leave up any bad reviews that customers write. This is why you need to find a third party review website such as Yelp that will post whatever kind of review that a person wants to post. This will give a much more realistic overview of the company.

Obtain a Quote
Once you find a company either through word of mouth or good online reviews, call them and ask for a quote for your plumbing issue. If they are willing to have you describe the problem and give you a quote over the phone, then you should probably go with another company. The only way to give an accurate quote is for a professional to come and take a look at the problem in person. They will probably have to put a sewer drain camera down the drain in order to take a look inside the pipes and see what is going on. Without seeing inside, there’s no way they will know what kind of repairs will be needed, that’s why even describing the problem over the phone wouldn’t work. You aren’t a professional plumber, otherwise you wouldn’t be calling so they can’t expect you to be able to give an accurate description of what is going on inside the pipes.

Get a Second Opinion
Even if you are happy with the amount that the plumber quotes you or with the type of repairs that they want, it’s still a good idea to make sure that you get some comparisons from other plumbing companies. This will ensure that you definitely have the right price and the right method for your problem. You don’t want to have the problem “fixed” only for it to break down on you again and have to pay for it again when the original company pulls some sort of shady business and won’t fix it for you again.

Compare Quotes

Once you think you have found your plumber, also find out how long it would take to do the job, what it would involve and how soon they can come to fix the plumbing problems. This will help you especially if you have a couple of plumbing companies that you think might fit the bill. Finding out about financing options or payments plans, if you need that, can help you decide on the final winner also. Plumbing problems should be fixed as soon as possible and as quickly as they can so make sure that the job isn’t going to take more than a couple of days, if that, depending on the job.