Are You Getting Ready to Select New Light Fixtures for Your Home?

Are You Getting Ready to Select New Light Fixtures for Your Home?


Of all the simple upgrades that can be done to a home, one of the most impactful is a change to the lighting. From changing the bulb or light type to simply updating the fixtures, these simple changes can drastically change the look and feel of an entire room. Finding a good lighting store to buy from is an important part of the process.

You can find many wonderful and affordable modern light fixtures online or at local lighting and home d├ęcor stores. Everything from rustic barn house light fixtures, to modern recessed kitchen lights to bathroom accent lighting, the right type of lighting can make a huge difference in how your room looks. Whether the lighting is brighter, dimmer, colored differently, or simply illuminated differently, small changes are worth playing around with to see what effect they can have.

So, if you are looking for kitchen or bathroom ceiling chandeliers, floor or table lamps, modern lighting options, or something a bit more traditional, you can find what you are looking for. Simply locate the local lighting shop or check online and see all the amazing options that are available for you to choose from!

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All of the decorating and all of the furnishings in a home are to no avail if the lighting is wrong. In fact, almost every room the lighting can enhance the space. With the right combination of ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting, these three basic kinds of light combine to create beautiful interior spaces. Understanding how these three kinds of lights work together can help you make the most of the money that you spend on decorating and furnishings.
From modern recessed lighting and top of the line designer lighting brands, finding the right kind of fixture for every room in your house will help you make the most of the space. Finding the finest contemporary lighting fixtures can also add value to a property. Consider some of these facts and figures about designer lighting brands and the purposes that all of these fixtures have:

    • The research shows that 46% of renovating homeowners cited good lighting as the most important feature in a master bathroom, according to the 2016 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study.
    • Having an opportunity to see a wide variety of designer lighting brands can help a home owner compare the options and make the best selection.
    • Energy savings is a priority for many environmentally aware consumers. A decision to install fluorescent bulbs, for instance, is making a decision to chose a product that is five times more energy effecient than halogen or incandescent bulbs.


    • Buying high quality light fixtures can help you make a worthwhile investment in your property while also adding to the interior design of your space.
    • Research indicates that lighting accounts for 7% to 10% of the total energy consumed in a home.
    • In addition to making the right selection, it is also important that the lighting be correctly installed. For instance, semi flush lights typically hang down about one foot or so from the ceiling.
    • Getting kitchen pendant lights hung correctly is also important. Most decorators recommend, for instance, that
    • Houzz Kitchen Trends Study reports from 2016 show that among the homeowners upgrading their kitchen lighting, 70% are adding recessed lights; 71% are installing undercabinet lights; and 58% are choosing pendant lights.
    • The combination of interiors designers, architects, contractors, home owners, and decorators can work together and make the best decisions about all of the necessary lighting options


  • Selective lighting choices can help you highlight certain spots in a home. For instance, the table should be the brightest spot in the dining room. Installing a chandelier or pendant above the table can draw people into this space, but it is important to limit the total wattage to about 100.
  • Putting dimmer switches in your home lets you turn individual light fixtures into lighting that can serve a number of purposes. From a low light situation for quiet evenings to a bright task light for meal preparation, for instance, a single kitchen light can be very versatile with a dimmer switch.
  • Of the home owners who indicated that they were upgrading their master bathroom lighting, 67% added wall lights, while 50% added recessed lights, according to the 2016 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study.
  • The decisions that you make about lighting during the construction process of a new home or during renovation are the most affordable decisions that you will make. Lighting changes that are made after the construction is complete, however, can be very expensive.

The advantage of visiting a show room that has a wide variety of designer lighting brands is that you can see a whole room and see THE BRIGHT SPOT among all of the available options.
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