Expert Tips to Keep Your Pipes Running Clean and Clear

Expert Tips to Keep Your Pipes Running Clean and Clear


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You may not think about your plumbing all the time but you should. Not thinking about it, at least every now and again can cost you a lot of money. Commercial plumbers say that nearly 3,000 gallons a year gets lost from leaky faucets that leak at the rate of one drip per second. That adds up and contributes to your water bill. It has been said that all toilets leak some. Some estimates have that between 20 and 35%. When people our fat and oil down their drains it causes nearly 47% of the 36,000 yearly clogs drains in the United States experience every year.

There are things you can do to keep your plumbing healthy and happy. You can prevent needing expensive plumbing repair. Here are some tips from commercial plumbers.

Avoid the horror of frozen pipes. Most homeowners consider these to be a nightmare they would rather not think about. In the winter months, pipes become vulnerable to this happening when the water inside them freezes, expands and the pipes burst. This leaves a lot of expensive repairs and water damage in the event’s wake. Fortunately, this can be easily prevented. If you put in great insulation, you can avoid all of this. Keep your thermostat to a decent temperature. The last thing you can do is run your faucets on slow in exceptionally cold nights.

Put in drain screens. This simple devices can prevent things that will clog up your drains from getting down into your pipes. Commercial plumbing experts recommend putting these to keep out hair, food and other debris. It is easy for any of this to get into the pipes and cause you major problems including possible blockage of your pipes. This is a really cheap and easy way to protect your pipes.

Keep an eye out on your washer hoses. Your washer hoses are made of rubber. This is a material that will eventually fail. The water and drying eventually will dry them out until they crack. When that happens, the room they are in can completely flood. If you are home when this happens, it is still bad but if it happens when you are out it can be disastrous. This is easy to avoid by keeping an eye on your washer hoses say commercial plumbers.

Have your system evaluated. Depending on the age of your system, a lot can be happening sewer systems that are more than 40 years old most often have to be replaced. Sewer line repair is very expensive but if you have a plumbing services company out to check on your system once a year, you can save yourself the expense and the hassle of having to deal with that. Some companies offer to put cameras in your system to have them inspected, which is a great way to see if roots have gotten into your pipes or if you have a budding clog.

Watch out for your disposal. A lot of people use these all the time when it is not needed. Do not use it every single time you want to push something down the drain. Save using it for times when you have food stuck in it and you really need to get that out. When you constantly put food down into the disposal, it will start to add up and can leave to a nasty clog. Protecting your system (and not putting oil or fat into it), can extend its life by years

A properly maintained plumbing system can last you a very long time and not give you any problems at all. Commercial plumbers recommend these tips to prevent any problems from occurring that would result in expensive clogged pipes and other problems. These are all easy and cheap tips to keep your system up and running the way you want it to.