How Experienced Landscapers Can Change Your World

How Experienced Landscapers Can Change Your World


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Part of owning your own home is how you design the look of the exterior, from the siding and roofing that you choose, to the landscaping design of your yard, garden, and walkways. Not everyone spends a lot of time on sculpting the perfect yard, but it definitely shows in the ones who do. It can make a big difference in many areas, from the resale value of your home to the comfort level of you, your family, and any guests that you welcome over. Don’t be afraid to tackle this sometimes seemingly insurmountable task. Experienced landscapers will work with you to find the style and design that fits the best for your preferences and the space that you have to work with.

Experienced landscapers helping to improve your home

Beautiful landscaping can do more than just turn the heads
of neighbors and passersby. It can increase your comfort level in your own home, and it can even decrease the amount of money you spend on your utility bills. Good, professional landscapers will not only help you design something aesthetically pleasing, but they will be able to give you suggestions and input about how the right landscaping choices can help lower your stress levels and your bills.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency, or the EPA, has reported that the right number of trees strategically placed around your home can actually diminish unpleasant sounds by as much as 50%, masking the bothersome sound of traffic or loud neighbors with the pleasing sounds of rustling leaves and content critters who flit and climb around. The United States Department of Energy has reported that the right kind of landscaping, such as well placed trees and shrubs, can end up saving you as much as 30% on home heating and cooling bills. Experienced landscapers will know how to utilize the area in order to block cold winds or harsh sun rays from beating down on your home.

The benefits of landscaping in numbers

Some people improve their landscaping for their own comfort or enjoyment, or for the positive energy efficient effects that result. Others look to improve the area outside the home in order to better their chances of selling the house at a better price than what they originally bought it for. And the quality of the landscaping definitely matters. One study revealed that homes that had landscaping that was considered to be excellent could create a sale price that was 6% 6o 7% higher than the same types of houses where the landscaping was considered to be simple good. Either way, the right landscaping job can help to speed up the process of selling the house, sometimes by as much as six weeks.

Invest in the outdoor area of your home. The right landscaping job can result in countless benefits, and is definitely worth it.