Your Air Ducts Vs Your Pets: How To Keep Your System Clean

Your Air Ducts Vs Your Pets: How To Keep Your System Clean


It’s relatively easy for the air ducts in your home to get too dirty or dusty. Having lots of pets at home can just make that process happen more quickly. An air duct cleaning company can certainly help you address these issues as they happen. Still, you’ll need to know when you should contact the vent care home services. They can help you with air duct assembly if you’re installing or repairing the ducts that you have. Most air duct problems will still be harder for everyone to solve if the issues are neglected for too long.

These professionals can tell you about “dryer vent vs air duct cleaning.” It’s possible that you’ll need assistance with both of these processes. A 5 star air duct cleaning company can clear the entire system thoroughly. You might want to know how you can prevent air duct issues in the future, which can be tricky at times.

The people who regularly vacuum their homes and remove dust from as many surfaces as possible on at least a weekly basis may not need as many professional air duct cleanings. Maintaining a household cleaning schedule like that will have its own challenges, however, especially for pet owners.

heating systemBeing a pet owner is hard work. You’re cleaning the furniture of any fur and dander, sweeping or vacuuming the floors, and lint-rolling your clothing. However, odds are that if your pet’s fur and dander are ending up on your clothes, your furniture, and your floors, it’s also ending up in your HVAC system filter.

If you don’t perform HVAC maintenance every so often, your pet’s fur can build up in the system and give you and your family some unclean air to breathe in. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to ensure that your heating system is working at its best.

    • Regularly clean your house
      Up to 25% of your home’s heating could be lost through holes and cracks in your home’s foundation. But in some cases, ineffective heating can be caused by a buildup of debris in the air ducts, preventing the warm air from reaching certain rooms properly through the vents. One of the best preventative methods for keeping animal fur and dander from getting into the air ducts is ensuring that the fur around your house is cleaned up on a regular basis.


    • Brush your pet
      Another preventative method is to brush your pet routinely and grab the fur from the source. By routinely brushing your pet and throwing away any excess fur, you keep the fur from ending up on your furniture, floors, clothes, and most importantly, in your air vents.


  • Have your air ducts professionally cleaned
    Your air ducts should be cleaned every three to five years in order to have them working properly and to keep you safe from any respiratory illness or allergies that may occur from built up debris. Cleaning your air ducts of any pet dander can also keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

Ensuring your heating system is clean and functioning is something you should do as a homeowner regardless of your pets. But when you have an animal in the house, their fur and dander can end up in surprising places.

Therefore, it’s up to you to maintain the cleanliness and proper functioning of your system when your pet’s fur is ending up in your air ducts. Contact your HVAC company for professional maintenance on your heating system today.