How House Painters Paint Like Pros

How House Painters Paint Like Pros


Have you ever wondered how professional house painters get ceiling and wall lines so absolutely perfect? The important thing is how to grip your brush in order to get those perfect lines. Let’s watch as the painting professional from Paint Life TV tells us about cut-ins.

The painter in the video is using a three-inch stiff-bristle brush to better spread the thicker paint in the bucket. The hand is best held with the thumb on one side of the brush and the remaining fingers on the other side.

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This gives the hand control of and stability on the brush.

The paint is then applied within a half-inch of the ceiling or wall in a back-and-forth motion in one-foot swaths. Since the brush is perfectly controlled and stable, the paint aligns as it should.

Now that the cut-in is completed, it’s time for a roller to finish the job. You’ll apply the roller back and forth as you did the paintbrush on the cut-in in one to two-foot lengths. This blends the paint from the cut-in into the wall paint seamlessly. We’re thankful for house painters who share their knowledge and tips with us. Now our wall or ceiling lines can be picture-perfect, too.