How to Install a Chain Link Fence

How to Install a Chain Link Fence


Chain link fences are an excellent choice when privacy isn’t a factor because they typically offer minimal to no privacy. They are also the perfect budget-friendly alternative to more expensive fences. The following article will briefly discuss the necessary steps for successful chain link fence installation.

The first step to installing a chain link fence is to measure the exact perimeter of the planned fence. Using a measuring tape, you want to mark off your property line.

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Next, purchase the necessary fence and brace posts based on your perimeter measurement. After installing your posts, stretch a string line between them and attach a post level to them. The string line will help ensure that your fence is perfectly straight.

To install the wires that make up your chain link fence, use a hammer tacker or power tacker to drive your first wire into the ground about one inch deep. Next, you’ll want to install your fence gate using special hinge brackets so that they hinge inwards towards your property. Finally, secure all of your fence posts with concrete post anchors. These posts will help prevent the fence from sagging over time. Chain link fencing is an affordable and durable option for other types of fencing.