How to Install a Temporary Fence

How to Install a Temporary Fence


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Installing a temporary fence is a great option if you need to protect a garden or other areas of your yard until you can get a proper fence installed. All you need are a few posts and a rolled up line of fence to get the job done. A couple of helping hands isn’t a bad idea, either.

Figure out how far apart you want to space your posts. It’s recommended to keep them about three to six feet. If it’s a smaller area, go with three feet for increased durability. Six feet is better for larger areas where you need to ration the posts. Press the posts into the ground using your foot. You can also use a rubber hammer if there isn’t an anchor on the post to put your foot.

The netting you will use on the fence posts can be hung from a Y-shaped prong at the top. Some fences are made of metal wire and need to be clipped into place. You may need a pair of pliers to get them fit in well, if this is the case. Roll the the fencing all the way around the posts and connect them as you go.

When your fence is completely set up, you can use zip ties to help make sure the fence doesn’t slip off of the posts. For more information, check out the video above.