Important Information You Should Know That Can Affect the Lifespan of a Roof

Important Information You Should Know That Can Affect the Lifespan of a Roof


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Nowadays, it seems like there’s a day, a month, or a week for just about anything and everything. From National Hot Dog Day, to various health awareness months, to a bunch of different of weeks to celebrate everything from cats, to video games, and everything in between. As hard as these days, months, and weeks are to keep track off, they can also be quite fun because there’s always a reason to celebrate and there’s always something to look forward to! So why should National Roofing Week be any different?

Huh? There’s a National Roofing Week? Yes!

Created by the National Roofing Contractor’s Association (NRCA), National Roofing Week is celebrated the first full week of June every year in order to increase awareness across the United States in regards to the importance of roofs and roof maintenance for businesses and homeowners alike. In addition, National Roofing Week is also meant to highlight the good deeds of roofing contractors in their respective communities as well as stress the importance of only hiring professional roofing and general contractors to perform any kind of roof maintenance.

Even though National Roofing Week isn’t until the first full week of June, that doesn’t mean you can start celebrating and practicing its principals right now or even after National Roofing Week has passed! In fact it’s never too late or too soon to be proactive about roof maintenance because this can help you avoid expensive roof repairs down the road. More times than not, simple roofing solutions such as regular inspections are all that’s needed in order to identify and address potential issues that could lead to expensive repairs such as roof replacement down the road.

After all, there’s no such thing as being too proactive about taking care of your roof. Often times, people forget about maintaining their roof until a problem arises — one that could have easily been spotted and fixed for a lower price if only it was caught in time. In addition, regular roof maintenance can help to significantly extend the lifespan of a roof and increase the value of your home. The lifespan of a roof depends on many factors, including the roofing material, the overall climate of the area, how often it was maintained, as well as the knowledge and skill of the roofing contractor that maintained or installed it.

For example, the lifespan of a roof that was poorly installed in the first place due to the negligence or inexperience of the roofing contractor that installed it will have a lifespan that is significantly less than a roof that was installed correctly. On the other hand, some roofing materials are more durable than others. Slate roofs, for example, can lifespans upwards of 150 years or more and often outlast the actual structure it was built upon. Roofs in storm or hurricane prone areas on the other hand may not have as long of a lifespan, especially if they’re not kept in good repair.

Aside from hiring a licensed, professional, and reputable roofing contractor, there are many things homeowners can do themselves to extend the lifespan of a roof. Homeowners should take great care to keep their gutters free and clear of debris. It’s also important to make sure that the gutters are doing their job properly and keeping water away from both the roof and the foundation of the home.

Homeowners should also take measures to extend the lifespan of their roof by making sure over hanging tree limbs are trimmed away from the roof. This decreases the risk of a limb falling and damaging the roof and prevents a buildup of moisture. Over hanging tree limbs may also encourage damage caused by wildlife, so it’s best to remove the limbs altogether to nip and potential problems in the bud. Another way homeowners can extend the life of a roof is to be on the lookout for signs of insect damage. Signs of an infestation include soft, rotten areas, sawdust, shredded wood, and insect feces. Inspecting the attic is also a good way to spot roof leaks, which can leave streaks or staining on the ceiling.