The Many Benefits of A Generator For Your Home or Business

The Many Benefits of A Generator For Your Home or Business


In the United States, power outages are caused by a variety of factors. Here are some of them:

First, weather conditions and natural disasters can cause outages in your home, neighborhood, and area. Many storms cause high winds, ice and snow and they can all produce an outage. Additionally, at times lightening strikes electrical equipment, poles, wire, and towers. This in turn causes a power outage. Earthquakes are the natural disaster that can produce an outage. Earthquakes, no matter the size, can damage or destroy electrical facilities and power lines. Trees can also be a reason for a power outage. During the high winds of a storm, or tree trimming, tree limbs can fall on power lines and create an outage. There are many more factors that contribute to a power outage; however, no matter what the cause, power outages occur worldwide and they can have serious effects. In fact, in 2014 there were about 130 grid outages, and that was only in the first six months of the year! If you have been victim of a power outage, or you’re concerned one can occur frequently in your area- here’s what you need to know.


What are generators? Generators are devices or machines that convert mechanical energy into electricity. They provide almost all the power for electrical power grids. Essentially, generators provide power and electricity to homes, businesses, buildings, facilities, etc. when the power is out. They can be considered life savers, in a way. There are many different types of generators as well. There are whole house generators, which are very common. Whole house generators or standby generators (sometimes they are called this), keep the power on in your house when there is an outage. A whole home generator is installed outside of your house, similar to an AC unit. The whole home generator will start when the power goes out. Additionally, it will come on within seconds of the outage, and it doesn’t matter if you’re home or away. Whole house generators are easy because you do not need to refuel them. Instead, they run on propane or natural gas. If you’re curious about whole home generator pricing, each generator is priced differently. You can discuss pricing with generator installers. Some can even help you choose the proper generator for your home, or the whole home generator pricing that is correct for your financial situation. Whole home generator pricing may vary, but having a generator can save you when the power goes out. Therefore, the whole home generator pricing is worth it!

Benefits Of Generators

When the power goes out, this affects many elements of your home. First, you cannot contact others. You cannot use a telephone to communicate with family or friends. You cannot connect to WiFi to go on social media. You cannot watch television. Additionally, your food is affected. If the power outage lasts for less than four hours, you can safely consume the food in your refrigerator and freezer. However, if the power outage is longer than four hours, you’ll need to throw out your food as it starts to rot and melt. More importantly, you do not have light. Generators give you power and light. Therefore, they help you use the telephone, go on social media, watch television, have light, and eat food. This is lifesaving!

Generators also benefit businesses. During a power outage, businesses can potentially lose important files and hardware. If your business has a backup generator, you can save all your imperative files and your hardware will not be damaged. Generators can get your business up and running again within seconds.

Generators help contractors and builders on construction sites. Since the main power cannot be connected while builders work, they rely on generators to give them the power they need. They can carry out their construction tasks for the day, because their tools have power with generators.