What They Dont Tell You About Tankless Water Heaters

What They Dont Tell You About Tankless Water Heaters


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Tankless water heaters can be a great investment for homes. They have the potential to decrease energy bills, reduce the space taken up by a water heating unit, and more. However, there are a few things to consider before you purchase a water heater. This video explains what they don’t tell you about tankless water heaters.

Tankless water heaters heat the water as it’s supplied, which means that you have endless hot water. Additionally, when you aren’t using the water heater, it’s not using electricity, which saves you money. It also takes up a lot less room than a traditional water heater tank.

The first downside is that it’s fueled by electricity, so if the power goes out, you won’t have hot water unless you have a backup generator. Standard water heaters will retain hot water for six to 12 hours even if the power goes out, but tankless water heaters will not.

In terms of energy efficiency, it largely depends on how you use your water, not the actual water heater. They are more energy-efficient, but if you take long showers or have multiple people in a home taking multiple showers every day, you may not see savings.

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