When Should You Call a 24 Hour Electrician?

When Should You Call a 24 Hour Electrician?


If you are worried about something being wrong or faulty in your house with your wiring, it might be time to call a 24 hour electrician. By calling this service, you can potentially save yourself from a disaster and save money in the long run too. Here are some of the reasons when you should consider calling a 24 hour electrician.

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Small Shocks

If you are turning on and off light switches and noting a small shock, this might lead to something more dangerous in the future. If you’re currently experiencing this, it might be time to contact an electrician.

Buzzing or Humming

If you are noticing a lot of buzzing and humming coming from your electrical devices, you should consider making the call.

Loss of Power

This a pretty easy sign to know something is wrong with your electricity, so if you’re power randomly goes off, make sure to give them a call.

Burning or Acid Smells

If you are smelling a burning smell or something smells acidic, this could be because of faulty wiring or an overdrawn circuit. This could then lead to electrical fires, so it’s best you contact a 24 hour electrician to get this figured out.