Fence Repair

Fence Repair


One of the most common fence repairs is done on leaning fences. Over time, fences may start to lean because of the abuse that they take from the wind and other elements. If your fence is leaning, it’s a good idea to contact a fence company to help you fix it.

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To tackle this problem on your own, we are going to review the fence repair of panel fences when they are leaning.

In the first part of the process you should inspect the fence and locate all of the areas where the fence is leaning. Panel fences are easier to fix because each panel can be taken apart. Once you have located the area of the fence that is leaning, it’s a good idea to remove all of the panels that are causing the issue.

With the panels removed, you are going to need to dig a hole in the ground to give the fence more foundation. Taking the new panels, you are going to put them in the hole and attach them to the fence. In the hole, you must add concrete. When the concrete dries it will keep the new posts in place. Be sure to fill the hole back up with dirt when you are done.