How ac contractors clean your air ducts

How ac contractors clean your air ducts


We are well aware of how clean air ducts improve the condition of your air system and the overall air quality of your home. The YouTube video about how AC contractors clean the air ducts in a home helps explains the process briefly.

Before the ac ducts can be cleaned, an inspection of the ductwork needs to be performed.

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This inspection will verify any seals that may need to be repaired or replaced. It doesn’t matter how clean the ducts are, if it needs repair it isn’t going to operate correctly.

When the technician enters your home, they cover their shoes to ensure not to track excess dirt inside. The ac contractors are very efficient at vacuuming the ducts and wiping everything clean. They will even replace old duct covers with new ones as part of the cleaning service. The ac technician will also caulk around the duct vents to ensure a proper seal.

The technicians not only clean the air ducts, but they also clean up their mess when the job is completed. Any dirt collected is also removed from your home. The health of your family depends on a clean air duct system.