How Paint Can Make Your Room Bigger

How Paint Can Make Your Room Bigger


The video provides a simple guide on how interior painting can make a small room look bigger. The goal is to contrast a dark ceiling color with a light color for the wall. Your main tools are paint, paint roller, painter’s tape, and paint tray.

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Use a dark color for the ceiling, like Clark and Kensington’s Cast Iron Gray by painting around any fixtures in the ceiling. Apply painter’s tape where the ceiling and wall meet. Then use a paint roller with soft fibers, applying enough pressure for a clean finish, after two coats of paint. Applying too much pressure when painting creates a rope in the ceiling.

After completing the ceiling, prepare to paint the walls. First, apply painter’s tape by the borders and where the wall and ceiling meet. Use a light color like off-white from Clark and Kensington’s paint collection. Using a paint roller and apply two coats of paint with just enough pressure for an even finish.

Once the interior painting is done, notice how the contrasting colors enhance the room’s size. Visit your local ACE Hardware store or for more information.